Issues With Vulkan Beta

I'm all updated here, no critical issues on Vulkan besides textures taking a second more or two to load... Way more benefits than issues so far at least for me and those who I talk to. Tyvm <3
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My Vulkan version is 1.1.126, should i update to beta version 1.2?
GeForce 1050ti here on Vulkan.

Invisble monsters : check
Missing textures : check
Weird coloring : check
Excessive brightness : check
FPS : good
The Vulkan renderer has brought back sound as a result of stable FPS, which is the greatest improvement to have happened in years imho. Imagine... sound is back!

I'd like to help out by giving feedback on the Vulkan performance/issues, but I'm not sure how you would like a detailed report concerning the occasional missing/black textures other than posting hardware and drivers used.

I've noticed that black textures often happen on Rock Golems (Hatebeat type of mobs). The magic version appears in blueish textures.

Also: in one instance Tane Octavius is invisible after the boss encounter, it was flawless when it started. VRAM is at 62% (Nvidia X Server Settings named as Used Dedicated Memory), so this doesn't seem to be due to exceeding RAM on the card. Mouseover displays a whiteish texture.

1050Ti, proprietary drivers 440.82, Vulkan (13th April), Solus Linux.
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Any update on this issue? I am considering just quitting for a week or so. Can't stand those invisible enemies and especially bosses/conquerors anymore. Same stuff with DX11 and Vulkan. Every suggestion to fix this issue on this forum I tried. My friend even had 5 failed instances with conqueror portals. I had no such issue yet. Lesson learned - never play in the first few weeks of the league. Same was with Delirium. My mistake for being stupid.

P.S. Performance is amazing. But what can you expect when half of the stuff is not processed by GPU/CPU.
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