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Mark_GGG wrote:
polimeris wrote:
The wording on enduring cry let me believe there is no way to scale the healing part, and that only the resistance/reduction part scales with skill duration.
That is correct. It uses the same mechanic as Lifesprig - the life regen is a fixed amount over 1 second, unrelated to the buff Enduring Cry also grants.

It’s wording seems to imply it doesn’t scale with Increased Warcry Buff Duration, but that it should scale with Increased Skill Effect Duration though. It really needs clarification text if that is not the case, since Increased Duration Support seems like a prime candidate for this Warcry based on the wording.
The actual buff is a rather lackluster thing though. In addition I think there is only 30% increased warcry buff effect available in game? So you can’t even scale the 2% to 3%?
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Fist of war support! Can not support trigger gems or minion gems!

General cry.
its summoning, and its not a minion.
it ''triggers'' a linked attack, without triggering

Do they work togethor?

That Arcanist brand looks realy bad!
not modify the skills of minions, but can it cast minions?
rip warcrys you were good while you lasted
I don’t “get” the idea behind the General’s Cry design. I thought this was supposed to be a hybrid support, but everything about this gem shouts “don’t use this melee skill yourself!”

It can’t attack multiple targets with Strike skills, which is their main selling point, so you automatically end up using it with Slams instead. However you can’t use Fists of War with it because it counts as a triggered ability.... why?
I get that we don’t want the minions to trigger FoW, but not being able to have it when using the melee skill ourselves is really really bad. And that is on top of the 30% less damage AND the damage loss from the socket it takes up AND the corpse requirement.

Edit: hmmm after summing that up I don’t think a max 5 minion General’s Cry will outdamage an exerted slam + FoW even if you push the cooldown to the max... is this warcry a trap?
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some mispelling in ancestral call description
exert or extert?

Again, the "great" League in everything.
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What new with Cyclone? I not see
chain hook will remain clunky cuz the chain animation does not scale with AS

and if there are no "charged slams" with a tectonic slam then why it consumes endurance charge every3rd hit

so shockwave can trigger once per attack, correct?
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franco0508 wrote:
I was excited for Wintertide but that 820 DPS seems kind of lacking, and that damage is after you wait for the 20 stacks, like it is not even viable as a extra damage tool for general Cold DoT cuz every other DoT just deal twice that without waiting for the 20 stacks lol

820 damage per brand, and they share same stacks, so for 3 attached brands you get 20 stacks 3x faster.
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