Path of Exile: Harvest Gem Information

........???? huge AS downgrade with melee skills , leech and LGOH is nerfed to the ground .... suicide is now the new way to die in POE....rofl.

learning is a painful process ... knowledge is the most deadly weapon.
Yo where is consecrated path, it technically got changed no?
whauw, you actually made arcanist brand worse than both trap support, mine support and totem support XD good on you GGG i suppose i am not gonna play that build then XD
Nerf League.
How is Power calculated on the updated Enduring Cry?
Shoxx_98 wrote:
Yo where is consecrated path, it technically got changed no?

From the Slam skills announcement: The other skills that are now categorised as slams are mostly unchanged but have had their visual effects improved and can be used with the Fist of War support.

The other skills were Consecrated Path and Leap Slam.

I'm assuming that their only change is the addition of Slam in the description and thus not worthy of being added in this post.

Or at least I hope that is the case, Fist of War and Seismic Cry sound like big time buffs to the skill.
hipporage wrote:
Let the theory-crafting BEGIN !

Slams are skills that I like, I hope I can use one of them this league. The new one ("earthshatter") promises, but I'm not sure what to combine it with to make it explode with a visually beautiful combo.
Good stuff, exile!
I wonder which one will be nerfed after the league.
I was excited for Wintertide but that 820 DPS seems kind of lacking, and that damage is after you wait for the 20 stacks, like it is not even viable as a extra damage tool for general Cold DoT cuz every other DoT just deal twice that without waiting for the 20 stacks lol
Inb4 arcanist brand is actually really good, and all these people crying about it being bad do a complete 180.

I think it will be a very solid option!

To people comparing it to other stuff...

Totems can be killed/nullified
Traps cast once per throw, and have the delay of throw, land, activate
Mines definitely still stronger, but much clunkier to play (sort of) and still only cast once per mine.

Main difference is that brands will leech/give you on hit, with the downside of ele reflect.

People have obviously gotten caught in the "biggest dps number = best always" trap.

Also fyi, with just the basic brand nodes you can get duration up to 6-7 seconds.
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