Path of Exile: Harvest Gem Information

DieAbolicaL wrote:
cyclone can't be exerted, lame
warcry cooldowns are now 8 seconds, lame

fist of war support seems cool though

my tree has 81% cooldown for warcrys

8 sec kek not for me
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I just want to know if wintertide brand gets removed, will the aoe debuff created also apply damage to the original target? If so, can these debuffs stack/overlap upon each other?

Thanks for the answer.
supported skills cannot b supported by multistrike RIP
Damn, those new brands are looking juicy as heck.
Arcanist Brand is just spell totem support with legs, me likey.
So does the attacks that repeat just mean multistrike or is it also stuff like double strike and lacerate?
When I kill a man he stays dead.
wazabi41 wrote:
I hope that the brand damage bonus applies to the skill being used by arcanist brand
It does, there is reminder text on "Brand Damage" modifiers explaining this.

diabloyd wrote:
it says when wintertide brand is removed, it applies dot to "each nearby enemie", does this include the previously main target?
If it is still there to be affected, yes.

mucker wrote:
So does the attacks that repeat just mean multistrike or is it also stuff like double strike and lacerate?
Those do not repeat.
So, about the wintertide brand I'm really confused on how will the 3 brands stack in the same enemy, there are two options.

1 - All brands share the same 20 stacks limit and having more brands will just reach the limit faster, than I imagine the dps will be low (822,5 dps at full stacks against 1457 from vortex for example)

2 - Each brand will have a separate 20 stacks limit and the total dps can be 2467, wich is really high, even considering it will not start at this level of damage it can be easily achieved and sustained through cast speed and brand duration.

Can someone plz clarify how the wintertide brand will stack?
cool beans
The wording on enduring cry let me believe there is no way to scale the healing part, and that only the resistance/reduction part scales with skill duration.
Which is fine. I was wondering why the regen number was so high. But if it's only for one second no matter what that's cool.

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