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fireball is looking good
Le Toucan Will Return
Well sad shit, had my hopes up that it would be possible to use fist of war and generals cry at the same time.
Its the same with multistrike, my attack speed will be even lower with my current set up now.

But whatever,
every third hit will let the boss implode, this will be a sight.

Here comes the slowmotion kek
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IGN: TitanVaolox

cyclone can't be exerted, lame
warcry cooldowns are now 8 seconds, lame

fist of war support seems cool though
pliz make the bonus frequency from brands by the hierophant be the first 25% and not the last 25%, becuz when u cast the brand again it will kill the other and its too hard to be exact of the time each of them will expire

it would be much better if it was like 50%more frequency at the first 25% than 100% more its last 25%
99.9% of the time the brand wont last half of its life time with the new mechanics
so the point of hierophant being a good option for brands is lost completly
inquisitor/assassin/elementalist/ocultist/chieftan will all be better options
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Note to self:
Measured Fury -> Annoint
I sure hope that the new crafts are game breaking like Chris said because melee league sure seems like spell league to me. Another necro league for sure.
fist of war will only be good for 0.6> atks/sec setup and without multistrike
multistrike alone is better than fist of war, the only good option i see is earthquake cuz it also doesnt benefit well from multistrike
i was hoping for a more versitile support for slam skills
like ruthless that is each third attack
it could like first attack +100% more area, second attack +100%more damage
like an alternating thing

fist of war is just a bad, more limited and restrictive ruthless
so doing math me and my buddy have gotten penance brand up to 28m dps... this is not okay... but im using it

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