Development Manifesto: Game Balance in Path of Exile: Harvest

bigtoaster64 wrote:
Nice, no nerf to minions.

they have been already buried, hello ?
[Removed by Support]let's kill already existing stuff also...why not right ?

We have removed the stun immunity from Cyclone, but made no other changes to it.

WHAT THE FUTURE IS WRONG WITH U ????????????????????????????????????????????????

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I think people have way too short memory, thank to Screen time.

GGG buffed boss and enemy HPs, they buffed enemy Resists, buffed boss, buffed boss more, nerfed our damage, nerfed our defences, nerfed our skills and nerfed our stuff (in multiple leagues they did so, like since 3.0)

i guess that super snowflake want his game super hard, because i guess he believe that hard equal good. Hard equal good but just in some disputable cinema industry and not necessary in a game.

i bet that now they mostly function with the noobie hype and they just increase their turnover of player. i feel that they want to get rid of old player and just crave for gullible fresh player.

Where is the Chinese Qol ?
bgi123 wrote:
Sounds like Totem league again.

yeah totems that instantly dying ones, i like them
Can they just stop touching curses please? Just let people self-curse hh in peace... Also, stun on cyclone, come on... There goes one of the few decent melee skills again. And "we're going to buff 2 handers" meanwhile, nerfing one of the best 2h uniques in-game that's supposed to be OP since it's from an end-game boss, like come on, why :/
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All i can say, that 2h with cyclone would be very OP ! I have already played 2h cyclone for legion and metamorph leagues. It was good, now it will be OP. The stun immunity removal doesn't affect melee characters like duelist or marauder. Plus you will have very guaranteed stun on bosses with high att/sec and max leech makes it way easier. I will try this league 2h cyclone for sure (and other reworked/buffed melee aoe skills).
Take my build, nerf it to shit
Tell me I no longer crit
I don't care, I'm still free
You can't take trade scams from me

Take my DW toon out to the black
Tell him he ain't coming back
Boil all meta, burn melee
You can't take trade scams from me
Rather than increasing the stun threshold, bosses now become immune to stuns for a short duration after being stunned.

This only works in boss encounters if you can control when you stun, we can't do that in PoE. This kills stun as a strategy completely, it could be so much more. :(
Perception is reality.
[Removed by Support]

KZAs oberservation is still right. Every manifesto and patch post is filled by comments declaring everything that has been changed as dead and pretending they will quit the game, but still come back as always and still manage to play the same stuff as always. It is very tedious.
POE, made by people who don't know what "reasonable" means.
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YEASHHHHH, so many crybabies.
Please understand, my fellow players, that this kind of game development is bloody epic. Unheared of in many other gamegenres or even in other arpg`s.

I love it, go fiddle with your PoB untill your build works again.

To quote a great man:

Improvise, adapt, overcome!!
-Bear Grylls-

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