Development Manifesto: Game Balance in Path of Exile: Harvest

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Zeies wrote:
Instead of implementing some real trading feature, better ruin harvest to make the use of tft obsolete.
It's really sad to see power getting taken away from the average guy. The no-lifers wont have a problem getting mirrortier items, casuals will have to struggle again.
Wasnt sure if I kept playing after Heist, since i loved Harvest so much, but the announcement for Ritual+Harvestcore got me back.
Now its gone again.. and so am I, I guess.

€: btw who actually uses ex-slam in crafting? not a single casual/non-pro player I guess.

I slammed at least 20ex every league. SSF what else you gonna do with all those exalts? There is only so much Jun can do for you. Never ever closed my eyes though.
Git R Dun!
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Well D2 Remaster come this Year. So GGG will kicked in their Ass.
Sry u got so much time to better the graphic, gameplay, Laggs and soooo on.

D2 will destroy and D4 i think will give you the deadly Strike. U got so much time for better Servers etc etc.

2021 and we Still got a Templar wo should be a Giraffe...

My opinion take it or leave it.

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