Development Manifesto: Game Balance in Path of Exile: Harvest

OMG rekt more the cyclone pls.... channeling( shit update ), and now the immuniti rekt 2........ all league kill 1-2 caracter
imagine supporting this company lol. we have to play what they want + give them money?? not me anymore.

[Removed by Support]

what was teh removed msg? If it was bad language try to use better words :P but iam interested in if the support deleted an opinion which did not fit them or if it was against rules. asking in a good manner...
"Censorship reflects society’s GGG lack of confidence in itself. It is a hallmark of an authoritarian regime.”

–Potter Stewart
Dual Wield
The Physical Damage multiplier when Dual Wielding has been removed. This was originally added as a fix from half a decade ago to improve the damage of Dual Wielding relative to the higher damage of two handed weapons and the overwhelming defensive power of shields at the time. This allows Two Handed Weapons to remain the kings of damage, while Dual Wielding is the king of speed, with some defensive benefits.

Just because Steelmage make dual wield looks simple doesnt means u have to nerf it
GGG, when will you be able to give us some info about how harvest will be implemented into core with the next xpac?
What part of your balancing manifesto includes fucking over totems?
LOL.. So the 1% guys will will find the build that`s broken first make their money... find all the broken parts use it, before it gets patched..

While the rest of us noobs are still trying to make a working build.

Same as ever.. and they are so fucking lazy to address the real problems with the game.

add the horticraft to buy in a npc is ridiculous today u need trust a third party program (discord) to trade harvest crafts and need trust someone u never saw with chance to be scammed
Instead of implementing some real trading feature, better ruin harvest to make the use of tft obsolete.
It's really sad to see power getting taken away from the average guy. The no-lifers wont have a problem getting mirrortier items, casuals will have to struggle again.
Wasnt sure if I kept playing after Heist, since i loved Harvest so much, but the announcement for Ritual+Harvestcore got me back.
Now its gone again.. and so am I, I guess.

€: btw who actually uses ex-slam in crafting? not a single casual/non-pro player I guess.
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For More and longer gameplay please delete harvest or make them not for public sharing and trading ty <3

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