Development Manifesto: Game Balance in Path of Exile: Harvest

i am a noob cycloner -crit-impale build with 2h starforge.(standard only)

i am heartbroken abt starforge.

can you console me guys?

what are my options now?
So far, manifesto focuses mostly on nerfing aspects that I wanted to utilize in my go-to build this league, being changes to critical strike multiplier, herald rings that grant reduced buff effect... if they nerf +6 caster bows now after they removed "Socketed skills deal 20% more spell damage" from bows, it will literally crap my whole build xD
Hmmm, most specifics in this post are nerfs and though they don't seem undeserved overal i can't say this is very exciting yet.

I'm mostly concerned about the power creep of content though. I have been away for some time and oh boy, are bosses tanky now. I used to be able to run red maps with 20k damage builds half a year ago. Now i can't even do them with 100k damage builds. Like; all white and blue mobs die instantly as allways, but those rares and bosses? Sometimes up to millions of hp for some reason. It's not fun to oneshot normals but take 30 second for rares; it's boring. Either let us struggle with all, or make the rares and bosses not so tedious please.
peruguannam wrote:
i am a noob cycloner -crit-impale build with 2h starforge.(standard only)

i am heartbroken abt starforge.

can you console me guys?

what are my options now?

keep a legacy starforge :)
Just a simple question.

Can someone explain to me why they overnerf certain builds?

PH was certainly to strong but why make Herald stacking literaly unplayable?
Why would anyone ever use PH as a node in their build now?

In other words. We nerfed more stuff (and agree, some of it needed) but haven't buffed things that need buffing and haven't done anything about the overly powerful encounters that ruin the game.

Oh well, guess I'll skip this one.
"The heavens burned
The stars cried out
And under the ashes of infinity
Hope, scarred and bleeding breathed it's last."
very good i like the changes.

thats something i think makes this game so great.
Every season new mechanics, skills, tweaks.

and guys, the content is not to hard, you are to weak

keep going ggg

Cyclone nerf - classic :)
Many skills intended to work well with Two Handed Weapons have been reviewed. Sunder, Static Strike and Tectonic Slam were changed significantly, while many others had numerical changes. Some slow attacks with added damage have had it removed and their damage multiplier improved, as flat added damage inherently favours builds with high attack speed. Ground Slam, Earthquake, Ice Crash, Vaal Ground Slam and Vaal Earthquake have had their added physical damage or added cold damage removed in exchange for improving their damage multiplier.

That sounds Dumb as fuck if you ask me.

as the Infernal Sword base type now usually gives 30% increased Elemental Damage with Attack Skills.

This must be a typo XD

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I am really hyped for the next league! Thx GGG

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