Development Manifesto: Game Balance in Path of Exile: Harvest

I have two regrets.

-> Dual wielding has been nerfed. "has been removed" is not a way to do it. With statsick being removed, there is very little reason why you should dual wielding versus wearing a shield.

Also in each patch you guys add "new avenues" for investments, but please keep in mind that we only have 123 passive skills available....

-> As for the other one...
Critical Strike Multiplier values have been lowered from almost every passive, as well as from some items. Critical-based characters far-exceeded non-critical characters later in the game; this will bring the two a little closer together.

So you're saying it's not natural to get more damage if you invest more ? Just take one keystone and you get as powerful as a guy you invested 50 passive skills in crits? Great.
Mana reservation will be the thing of the past?
I just hope we dont see "Synthesis league" where after 3/4 weeks there was literaly almost no players..... :(

Slow builds with 2-handers - cool, but you should change this to ( To add even more excitement to the mix, we're also providing ultimate microtransaction prize packages to ten other players from any Harvest league who kill the end-game Harvest boss within the first week. ) first 5 weeks xD
You need to be removing the "increased range/s" on cyclone. Have it as channelling but have it as it was before with a set range. lower the range if you have to but having to channel cyclone for like 3 sec just to get max range is actually pretty dumb...

Please look at this
pff so GGG you tell me to make another Essence drain / contaigon build
Yummy tears of players.
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Just imagine normal player spent 2months of time to farming gears for they herald stacking and then...all of that time they spent is useless after build get nefted in "SD" too.

So it's like 3G forced player to selling all gears before neft/lg end and convert it into "something REAL" . And yeah, when something become "real" it can be used for Supporter pack ? :D
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GGG Has done it again!
"here are what we buffed for 3.11 "Nerf nerf nerf,nerf,nerf aaaand nerf !" Njoy!
Ydoum wrote:
Just went through all of this...

So, the entire manifesto is nothing but "Hey, we nerfed everything we mentioned in this thread to the ground. But - the stupid 2h melee, which will still be slow and suicidal to play with - will get more AoE! Look how great we are at balancing stuff".

"We also made sure that the changes to dmg numbers on 2-handers won't allow you to perma-stun bosses anymore, so tough luck".

totally agree

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