Development Manifesto: Game Balance in Path of Exile: Harvest

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This game is in no way balanced. Literally the archmage brand nerf only came because people complained about a setup that's been vaguely meta for one league.

"Wait till it dies?" did GGG forget poison builds exist?
LimeKoala wrote:
KillerFit wrote:
KZA wrote:

Wow, there's so much salt in these comments, it's rather amusing.

Cry less, adapt more.

Says a guy who NEVER supported the game,and his highest character level is 94...
i have an advice for you - "Talk less be quit more" ! Thank you!

Says the guy who only managed to beat 25 challenges and failed to do more. Or don't think you can build an argument by using unreleated game stats.

KZAs oberservation is still right. Every manifesto and patch post is filled by comments declaring everything that has been changed as dead and pretending they will quit the game, but still come back as always and still manage to play the same stuff as always. It is very tedious.

And me? Can I say that there are to many whiny schoolboys/girls that didn`t wait for the patchnotes before epic saltyness? Or for the actual impact on the game?

Why does someone need to be a moneyspending supporter to be a supporter?
Tldr we nerfed everything you liked so play this new slam skill stuff we added.

Time to buy a shitty 2h abd some stun protection for cyclone now i guess
Can Martial Experience have attack damage leeched, not just physical. Just cause you're melee or using a two hander weapon, doesn't mean you should be physical damage only.

Or does the leech affect count from the phys dmg you could have done before the conversion (eg ice crash, physh2lightning, hrimsorrow, etc)

Well, i can still cry after building a bunch of builds in PoB.

In the end all that changed is the Meta. And you know, for me it just means i have to get out of my confi shell and play a new build.

Somehow this is what i like to do every new League. One of the most fun things in PoE (at least for me) is fiddling out new builds and playtest them :)

So thanks GGG for you hard work.
Wishing you can play your favorite build every single league without interruptions is just pure laziness and stagnation. Be smart and adapt to constantly changing conditions. Bitching about it is pointless and annoying.
Let me understand, 2H weapons give players the advantage of having two 6-link items on their build when Dual wielding just allow one 6-link and you want to buff 2H and nerf DW?????

Will Fist of War use the other supports on the attach, eg, multistrike, rage, edwa ?

Why even trying. a game all about speed massive dps races and its either kill fast or die. there will be some player giving it a try most of them will not even look at those slow play styles. as long as trading does not get improved it will always be the same. fast map clear fast currency. thats how poe works. some flip and do the bulk sell monopol. they nerf brands instead of the mana stacking (wich works for many other skills) and many will just take those now instead. the only and pretty much the ONLY skill that could fit the new 2h changes is cyclone thanks to its speed. nice, ggg you just created the new melee meta and it will be cyclone yet again (suprise). so boys if you wanna get rich early in leaue. get some cyclone items and sell them at day 1 for a few ex.

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