New and Changed Slam Skills in Path of Exile: Harvest

This announcement really caught my attention and I'm not any disappointed. I might indeed try one these reworked skills !
Beautiful.Please don't touch Mob Mentality.
You've really upped your Music game for reveals...props GGG. I'm going back to JUGG in this league :)
"Come on and slam and welcome to the jam" blasting off on the distance
Viktranka wrote:
Is Sunder coming back to its former glory...? :D
No, the multi STROKE rework destroyed Sunder and most of the other melee skills.

What is dead, is just dead.
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they look pretty good :D

Will any of those be playable without weapons (Unnarmed)? it would be really nice if we get more unnarmed options :)
Oh, before you go you should also know that Ground Slam, Sunder and Earthquake can also be used unarmed. Enjoy!
wanna be friends?
Does zombie's slam part of this change?

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