New and Changed Slam Skills in Path of Exile: Harvest

Make sure to buff Sunder base damage to %280-300ish. It needs base damage improvement more than what you are doing to it. Also don't make it slower and don't make it shorter when on multistrike(I mean don't make cut version shorter than current Sunder). Right now only Sunder builds are fast ones, one being mine. If you nerf fast Sunders and try to make slow 2-handed ones, skill will die and be completely forgotten.
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Sarganis87 wrote:

I thought Smite just swings into thin air without a target to hit. But it does the AoE. So yea, I agree now, it should be reclassified as Slam and behave accordingly.

HANDS OFF the Ancestral Cry Increased range Mass Smite!
Ondrugs wrote:
SuperDumbo wrote:
Just make Cyclone great again. Never used those stupid skills and will never do.

Cyclone was always stupidly OP and should actually be nerfed over getting buffed. Anyone who starts the game with cyclone will most likely have no fun with any other kind of melee skill cause you need no skill to rule the game. Cyclone is for braindeads

"Skill" and "braindead". It's an arpg bud, not a moba. The skill ceiling is low enough that an ape can trash through this genre....which is WHY people love hack n slash. You aren't Faker, and making skills feel shitty to play doesn't make anything more difficult. It's pve faceroll, just like D2 was. If you want your nuts stomped in while feeling like shit, there are enough pvp esport genres that offer what you're looking for.
Very nice
So rip sunder while double wielding and attacking to fast?I taught I was gonna get a buff what a surprise.
Does Fist of War support, and these general changes to slams, work with specters whom have slams (Lunaris Champion for example)?
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I hope that this isn't something like the infamous bow league that turns out to be a bow nerf.
After Delirium I've bad experiences and the video shows how slow is 2H. Definitely not this time.
Neat, hope this can bring some melee skills up to par with ranged spells and attacks.

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