New and Changed Slam Skills in Path of Exile: Harvest

lab changes cant w8 for it!
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Slams...not interesting enough. Mby Doryani is an exception.
The Problem with Slow Skills like slam is the base damage of weapon. It cannot compete with the damage output of insane fast multiple hits per sec skill (like blade flurry, cyclone, reave, etc.). Currently you will seldom/never see slow hit skills reach 1m DPS... but fast skills are very easy to scale up (can even reach 5m+ DPS).

Increase "base damage" thru passive might fix this weakness.
PegasusRideR wrote:
Make sure to buff Sunder base damage to %280-300ish. It needs base damage improvement more than what you are doing to it. Also don't make it slower and don't make it shorter when on multistrike(I mean don't make cut version shorter than current Sunder). Right now only Sunder builds are fast ones, one being mine. If you nerf fast Sunders and try to make slow 2-handed ones, skill will die and be completely forgotten.

Just edited my post. Don't make this mistake please GGG.
GGG can't you do like put a support gem like "less atk speed you have the more dmg you do"... to counter balance the heavy atk speed builds and the slower slam builds ? balance power and speed

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