New and Changed Slam Skills in Path of Exile: Harvest

i really like the fact you are giving some love for melee build and especialy 2H, looks fun overall :)
warcry meta incomin
Aw here i was hoping Dominating Blow would get rebranded as Dominating Slam so it felt much less clunky
Not excited. Feel like a gimped caster. At least add utility like blinds, stuns, reduced damage, etc.
"There's no thing like random one-shots in this game. You only die because you take 353,456,237 hits in 0.2 seconds. If your build can't survive that or a lag spike it's because you suck, period. Post your PoB so the PoE experts can analyse and help improve your build."
You can also easily Leap Slam onto your spikes

Thanks so much!!
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someone theory craft a brain rattler EQ build and a facebreaker EQ build. i dont have time lately.
Is Sunder coming back to its former glory...? :D
Can we also get Leap Slam as usable with unarmed too? It makes sense for this to finally exist.
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