New and Changed Slam Skills in Path of Exile: Harvest

i know what i'm playing this league, amazing
2h = SLooooooooooooooooW

Slow attacks, slow movement, slow slow slow = boring Zzzzzz

Dual CYCLONE back on the menu BIOs!!!!!!!!
Was already thinking of playing (Vaal) Ground Slam, higher numbers makes me more likely
Le Toucan Will Return
2H rework.

Looks as good as the bow rework league from..... hmm, I can't remember when, but that league when you did the bow rework and NO ONE played bows.
LUL Stank Pug Chump Puggers ................... Soooo WEAK, soooo very weak LUL
That sunder visual rework though i am impressed.Hope to be impressed by its dmg with 2 handed weapons too instead of 1-h dw multistrike madness
Finally, a league where I can fully invest into slamming CRACKS
Giving some love slams in 2020
Cool Cool Cool
Headline should read: "GGG slams 2H melee for it's ineffective dealings in prior leagues. More to come at 11."

I'm touching enemies like Doryani used to this league.

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