[3.13]🏹 Poison Barrage-VF / Scourge Arrow / TR PF | Bottled Fortify | The Tankiest Ranger + High DPS

Ouch. So it looks like I'll need to get some Awakener's orbs to continue the crafting process. I might be at this for some time.
For what it's worth, the hybrid influence items are more like gilding the lily rather than being necessary. All of my items are single influenced and I basically buzzsaw through anything that tries to fight me, and even T16 maps feel like they're white tier ones. I'd get the baseline non-Awakened items first before you start throwing currency at trying to make the double inf chests/boots/helm. The chest especially can be extremely expensive to redo if you hit a dead mod in the suffixes.
Bk老虎 wrote:
Ouch. So it looks like I'll need to get some Awakener's orbs to continue the crafting process. I might be at this for some time.

Your profile isn't public so I can't check, but I'd make sure you have the defensive basics of the build squared away before worrying about this. You should be able to get quite tanky without any dual influenced mods or whatnot.

Some questions, forgive me if they're obvious, but just to be sure:

1) Are your flasks squared away? We're pathfinders, flasks are a huge part of our defense and offense. There's some room for variation in flask choice, but to start with, copy OP's flasks from his PoB That's:
Cinderswallow (with 50% avoid stun)
Foreboding hybrid

Doesn't matter which, but the three non-unique flasks should have: bleed remove, curse remove, run speed

If your damage is good enough you can swap the coralito for a quicksilver when doing speed mapping.

2) Do you have hardened scars? This is a huge part of our defense. Paired with the foreboding hybrid flask this is how perma-fortify happens.

3) Do you have endurance charges and cwdt immortal call? You DO NOT need the dual influenced chest to get endurance charges if you've been hit recently. You can get it from a small cluster jewel with the "enduring composure" notable.

All of this is extremely cheap tankiness. Even hardened scars is pretty cheap because gold oils are so cheap this league (30 chaos)

Obviously getting more life and the dual influenced items is great, but you should be able to become tanky on a very modest investment.

UPDATE (video with detailed analysis)

+ [Video] Fully-juiced T19 100% Delirious map with Beyond (deathless) + other challenges

+ [PoB] https://pastebin.com/f8q2dFhK

  • 18.1mil DPS (can obtain higher DPS with Aul + Malevolence and Watcher's Eye)
  • 11.55 Scourge Arrow APS (extremely fast).
  • 6.28 Blast Rain APS (2.52 Blast Rain-MiA APS)


+ We stack multiple less damage taken layers of defense (1.25x-1.4x Fortify) and opt for extra raw HP rather than going with Divine Flesh for elemental damage mitigation, which is not the most cost-effective for our build.
+ We also have +#% to max elemental resists crafted on our gears as much as possible:

+ With those +#% max to resists, it's natural that we focus on phys damage taken as fire or lightning. Furthermore, Arctic Armour grants 12% less fire damage taken while Dying Sun offer 32% less fire damage taken with our increased flask effects:

+ The end-game PoB boasts 4 endurance charges automatically maintained by Enduring Composure mod crafted on our chest. The +1 charge is from the boots:

+ Occasionally, we tap Enduring Cry to have +8% additional physical damage reduction from 4 endurance charges and >1600 life regen over 1 sec. A great emergency button.
+ There are two (three) main flask setups in the PoB, the respective damage mitigation and Effective HP against each of the damage type are as follows:

Item set (PoB) = T19 100% Deli Map (Dying Sun):

Item set (PoB) = bossfight (Alchemist's Basalt):

(both are quite better than the traditional Divine Flesh setup)


+ We don't rely on poison spread (Nature's Reprisal or poison 'prolif' called by some folks) to clear. It is an inferior method for fast clearing hard contents such as the T19 100% delirious because it will take very long to kill a single mob for it to spread one stack of poison around.
+ Instead, we create a new way of poison clearing: APS-stacking with multiple initial-arrows to quickly spam waves after waves of initial arrows. With 11.35 APS and 5 initial arrows (can be upto 6 or 7) with Dying Sun, we can poison and clear a whole screen of tanky T19 100% delirious mobs in a sec or two by just "tapping" SA a few times to stack up the poisons (see video).
+ T1 APS on bow and Tailwind on boots with 5 APS Viridian jewels are key factors. Hit rate is capped by ring, abyss jewel, and quiver's implicit.

+ Credit where credit's due: shoutout to our build contributor magicrectangle for consistently pursuing the idea of multiple-arrow mapping with Dying Sun. I was intrigued by his influence on using Dying Sun for SA to the point the I decided to make a new variant based on Dying Sun. It turned out to be great both offensively and defensively.


There're still room for improvement such as poison deals damage faster on boot, which I failed to roll previously, +2% to max fire resist on quiver (instead of +1), and +1 arrow on quiver. In overall, I'm very happy with the current gears I've crafted.
Final Gears (Harvest League)

Flask setup for T19 100% delirous map:
(for regular map: replace Coralito by Quicksilver flask)

Flask setup for end-game boss fights:

I'm grateful to all the help received, esp. when lacking one remove defence mod. :D
Poison Scourge Arrow/Toxic Rain + Blast Rain PF| Bottled Fortify:
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Great video and post Wolfie. Thanks for all the work you put in keeping this guide up to date.

Another advantage of dying sun you didn't mention (but did utilize in the video) is that it allows you to be more ranged on boss fights. Some bosses (like bameth) are very dangerous to stand close to, but the more projectiles you have on your scourge arrow, the more you can stack up pods on your cursor even if your cursor is far away from you. This is because each arrow will try to spawn its own pod nearest your cursor, then if there's more pods to spawn, they'll be spawned up/down the line. So more arrows = less moving up/down the line to spawn pods.

I would like to quibble with your dismissal of poison prolif. If you're willing to build into it a little, it can be extremely powerful in 100% delirious maps. The main way you build into it is with an unspeakable gifts on your large cluster jewel. This does come at an opportunity cost, as it can't coexist with unholy grace, but it is worth it.

Unspeakable gifts explodes enemies for 1/4 of their life as chaos. This can poison, and the poison from it is scaled by all of our poison scaling.

The way poison "prolif" works is it takes the strongest poison on a monster, and spreads it to all nearby monsters when it dies. That doesn't mean you can only get one unspeakable gifts poison on a monster though. Say the pop hits 10 guys and poisons them. When THEY die, all 10 of them can prolif that poison onto the same secondary target (a delirium boss, for example). So while each only prolifs one poison, the boss gets 10 unspeakable gifts poisons on him, and dies almost instantly.

Obviously sometimes you do end up fighting a delirium or beyond boss that has no nearby monsters, and in that case your damage is lower for not having unholy grace. But most of the time you can fight them in monsters and kill them MUCH faster with unspeakable gifts prolifs.

That said, Wolfie is absolutely right that you should scale attack speed. Other than losing the 10% attack speed from unholy grace, I haven't traded any other attack speed in for the prolif/unspeakable gifts scaling. I'm still at 11.4 APS on scourge arrow. Attack speed is great offense AND great defense, improving your mobility.
Ahhhh great timing on this. I re-shelved the SA char for a bit playing other guys, but just got tailwind boots this morning, and was trying to think of some way to double up on the increased attack speed. Fooling around with just adding in Dying sun and a couple of APS gems and it feels *terrific* mapping right now. I love the extra "defense" of not having to stand in one place as long.

My only issue is i keep forgetting to ensure infused channeling is up :-/
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Hey, I'm the guy you talked with a bit the other day when you wanted to buy my quiver base that we ended up with me keeping and me trying out scourge arrow.

I've worked a bit on it now, still quite a few changes to go and I've mostly done it as divine flesh for now as that's what I had gear for but starting to switch over to the damage taken as fire version instead.

I managed to get a pretty solid craft on the quiver as well as a new bow.

So far I've been doing some tier 17's 100% delirum without too much trouble. I've been running plague bearer instead of blast rain though, and just using withering step to apply wither. Maybe not the most optimal but I just can't play a poison build and not use plague bearer. I may go back to blast rain now that I got a chest with endurance charge generation though, as before I was using 2 gem slots for enduring shout+urgent orders. I will probably also drop steelskin and use immortal call, just wasn't using it until now as it's pretty awkward with enduring cry.
Perce79 wrote:
a couple of APS gems and it feels *terrific* mapping right now.

I want to point out that this kind of jewel:

can be very deterministically made. It is 1% attack speed off from the "perfect" jewel (5% attack speed vs 4% attack and cast speed), but that one can't be harvest crafted easily.

Here's a search I built to find jewels with both prefixes, and only removable suffixes:


You can buy the bases for 20-40 chaos, strip the bad suffixes, then:

1) Augment chaos. 3/4 chance to hit chaos dot multi. If it hits chaos resist, remove/add chaos

2) Augment caster. You have to do this after chaos, because cold dot multi is a caster mod, but chaos dot multi blocks it. The only outcome of this is attack and cast speed.

3) Use targeted divines (attack, life, chaos, caster) to make perfect.

I've crafted several more of these than I needed and sold the extras for 2 ex a pop (though not quickly, I expect us and toxic rain folks are the only ones that want them). There's no need to pay that, you can make them yourself very easily.

My search above actually does exclude some technically removable suffixes, but you wouldn't want to spend (for example) a crit remove on such a cheap base.
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Having recently hit my first level 100, I wanted to share my modestly min-maxed Toxic Rain variant of this build and some thoughts about the league & journey.

Being a bit more of an unorthodox take on TR, most of the offensive theorycrafting is based on the concepts here and the defensive mechanics worked out with my dude Wolfie and this thread.

Some features and explanations of my build:
-7200hp, Ailment/Map Mod/Curse (from flask) Immunity
-Zero Mana cost of skills
-The bit of crit and accuracy wouldn't normally be required with TR but helps keep elusive from the boots up which is up full time against bosses
-Damage comes from stacking # pods rather than damage of individual pods (see above video for more detail)
-Damage is slightly difficult to calculate but with conservative calcs POB has it at about ~5-6 mil which feels about right. Basically melts everything except Sirus who is slightly annoying. Skitterbot shock would be an easy add but my leveling-partner handled the shocks.

League and Leveling:
-Didn't really plan to hit 100 this league (or ever) and honestly it wasn't too bad. I did it mostly in the mine (depth ~300) and half-juiced t16s (sextants & harbringer).
-If you've got the currency, it can obviously be done MUCH faster through Pure Chayulas but I never did and it really never felt slow.
-At first it didn't really seem like a good/safe league mechanic to level but I ended up REALLY enjoying the crafting and self-crafted most of my gear which would not have been possible (for me) in prior leagues.
-Pushing through 98 & 99 is really just about not dying which the insane defenses of this build made possible. A death is basically a day's progress. I would just avoid double damage map mods and crit is probably the build's only real weakness.
-Fortify effect and the combination of 25% Phys taken as element, arctic armour, and divine flesh were the real stars.
-I also definitely undervalued evasion in the beginning and was a big boost to survivability, dodge on it's own is really unpredictable.

Last upgrade would probably be a ~40 ex malevolence/precision watcher's eye but that's well out side my budget. Looking forward to un-clinching my bunghole and playing like a full potato. I'm pulling out all life nodes (still keeping all the defensive mechanics) and putting in a second large - medium - medium cluster jewel setup that POB conservatively has at 10mil DPS.

POB here

Poe.Ninja (May not be updated yet but will reflect my respec'd double cluster jewel DPS setup)

Happy to answer any questions for those who enjoy the TR play style.

Perce79 wrote:
a couple of APS gems and it feels *terrific* mapping right now.

I want to point out that this kind of jewel:

can be very deterministically made.

Thanks for this info!

And thanks Wolfie for this build, I started playing PoE in metamorph and this has been the most fun I've had yet.

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