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Hi, I'd like to ask for some help because I don't know how to upgrade my character further. I can clear t16 with some insane mods easily, but shaper with maven is something beyond my abilities (shaper alone is easy, but maven changes everything.)

my pob: https://pastebin.com/H7zug7ip

I've got about 70 ex to spend, but I don't know what should I buy first.
hi, would be possible to add a explodey chest? Since we convert phys dmg to cold maybe is good idea?
Hi, it's me again. I'm now level 80, haven't finished the last lab since it's been way too laggy for me to run it. I'm starting to feel a little weary when I started to run tier 10 maps. I get only 3.6k HP, 15k evasion rating. I die quite frequently in higher tier map. I try to boost my defense but not a lot of things I can do for mow. My damage is also quite low at the moment.

Here is my profile: https://www.pathofexile.com/account/view-profile/lucre280893/characters
I hope you can take a look and give me some advice.

Besides, I'm a casual player so I spend roughly 3 hours a day on the game, sometimes only 1 hour. My budget is quite limited so it's hard for me to purchase good mana cost ring. My mana runs out at times due to high attack speed. And there is one weird thing I've been experiencing: when it gets laggy, I deal no damage to the monsters and after a few seconds, my character runs back and forth and appears in unexpected places, my mana runs out entirely but no monsters are killed. At first, I thought my accuracy may be rather low but when I checked it, I have 100% chance to hit.
I'm almost done with the league, but I wanted to drop by to say again that this build was extremely fun, and it's gonna be hard to resist the temptation to start the next league I play with it again.

Here's a couple of my favorite gear pickups this league:

You can definitely do A9 Sirus, Maven, and the Feared/Hidden with the build, though it's pretty lulz and obviously much less of a headache to do on some build more designed for boss killing. But mapping with this build has been an absolute blast. Thanks!
Hey guys,

I've spend some time reworking the guide over the week-end to take into account what is now possible/reasonable to get with Harvest making it into the core game. The POBs and front page guide were updated accordingly.

Here are the main changes :

All versions

-Removed the Basalt Flask and the Smashing Strikes annoint (end charges) in favor of a Cinderswallow Urn + Frenetic annoint (+1 frenzy).

It is essentially trading 28% phys reduction for 20-22% more DPS. I made this choice because looking at my deaths/dicey situations it was clear elemental spell damage was the main threat (ice nova strongboxes, volatile flameblood poping in your face in rituals, delirium spells). More DPS kinda help with that making you faster and less prone to be hit at all.

-Keep 2 points specced in Essence Sap for better mana leech.

This frees up one notable on your large cluster jewel for more DPS. And you should need only one ring with the -9 mana cost craft even with the corrupted Oro's, adding some flexibility.

30Ex / Luxury version

-Added a Glorious Vanity - Ahuana for Immortal Ambition in the Point Blank area. This allows us to get an overleech effect at the cost of 4 passive points.

I tried it this league after some suggestions on this thread and found it very effective to help life sustain in difficult content . You essentially immediately start to recover at 20% HP/sec after getting hit. Its especially great on bosses for which the chest mod "5% life recovered on kill" doesnt work.

Luxury version

-Reworked endgame gear to take into account what is now feasible to get with Harvest crafting :
- Tailwind + Elusive boots
- Additional Curse chest + Assassin's Mark ring (extra crit and power charges)
- Capped chaos resist (helps a lot when trying to reach lvl 100).

With those changes the luxury version got a 40% more DPS boost, and can sustain 20M+ sDPS when replacing Melee Splash by Ruthless. While being over 6000 life, under perma fortify, 95% evade, 50%+ attack/spell dodge and capped chaos resist. Not bad at all.

High end gear Crafting tips


(Assumes you are familiar with the character, with Harvest crafting and with craftofexile.com / poedb.com. If not, do your homework!)

Gloves :

You want +1 frenzy/+1 strike - both prefixes, a good life roll, and resists. Attack speed or Accuracy as suffixes are neat but make the craft more difficult.

Start by getting your prefix base with an Awakener Orb, and hope for no third prefix/ a good life roll. If not 70 life crafted is perfectly fine.

You should now have 3 prefixes, so just use the "Reforge item, keeping prefixes" you find until you roll some good resist/satisfactory mods. Finish if required with an augment, remove+add, etc...

My almost finished project :

Tailwind + Elusive boots

More tricky/RNG than gloves, as tailwind is a suffix and elusive a prefix. You want on top of that some move speed, and a decent life roll (both prefixes).

Honestly, I'd just buy an already awakener-orbed item you see you can finish yourself, with a non-perfect movespeed roll if you want to stay budget (its not like this character is slow and really need this 10 extra movespeed).

Current crafting project :

Just need to find a "remove life", craft 70 life on it and I would deem it finished. The "extra phys as cold" mod is here instead of Elusive for my phys-> cold variant, but the crafting process is the same.

Extra curse chest - Hunter Assassin's Garb i85+

Really not that hard to get. Start with the prefixes, you want "You can apply an additional curse " with a good life roll. Use your harvest reforges, or just buy it.
Craft a third prefix, either "10% spell dodge", or 8% inc max life.

Then, "reforge item, keeping prefixes" until you see one or two good resistance roll. To finish the item, "Augment attack" guarantees the crit chance, with only 2 tiers.

Offcolor with Harvest "1R 1B" option until satisfied.

Almost finished projet - got very lucky with the prefixes:

Assassin's Mark ring - Shaper's Vermillion/Opal i84 ring

Assassin's mark is a caster mod, I would recommend to spam all your Harvest caster reforges on a couple bases until you see Lvl12 Assassin's Mark + at least one other super good mod (Life, top tier resist, high tier ele dmg with attacks...).

From there, you want to clean the item with target annuls and add the remaining mods with Augment, Remove+Augment.

My current ring :

Essence crafted, enchanted Warlord's Helmet

The most expensive part of this craft is finding the enchanted base, as DEX bases are not very popular and not many people will throw lab enchants and them. You also want ilvl 85+ to be able to roll the 9% fire pen on it.

I'll assume you want an high Int roll on your Helmet, as this is one of the few places to get it beside rings.

Once you got your base (bought mine at 8Ex), throw a Warlord's Exalt at it to get the influence you want to work with, then scour it.

Now, throw Deafening Essences of Spite (int) or Greed (life) until you hit both an high life and an high int roll. Odds are like 1/12 if you are happy with a T2 roll.

Now, clean the unwanted mods, fill prefixes, and add fire resist as a second suffix beside the Int roll. You can use resist-swaps to make it easier.

Lastly, an "Augment Fire" on a suffix, with Fire resistance already present, guarantees the 9% fire pen mod to finish the item.

My almost finished project - just need to remove attack for the accuracy + augment fire :

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You may find ideas in the updated POBs, see my post above.

Honestly, looks like some whatever + Maven fights were not designed with short range melee in mind, they can turn out pretty stupid.

For Shaper+Maven, I actually used Flicker Strike rather than cyclone with Ruthless swapped in, and used my stupid 20M+ DPS to close the fight in a handful of seconds. I think I had one death. Used the same "strategy" for the 4 breachlords.


No point for an explode chest really, you already have corpse removal and insane clear speed, money would be better spent elsewhere.
And if using a physical-based variant, using Farrul's Fur is pretty much mandatory to have decent single target frenzy sustain.*


Desyncs you are describing are caused by connection issues, either on your side or on the PoE server your are using. Flicker is very prone to this kind of issues - I have a very good experience with 15ping, but it was kinda bad when playing with 80-100ping.

Regarding gear, just focus on getting a 5-10c piece on each slot with a mandatory high life roll. You want at least 4200-4500HP for eternal lab and 5500HP for T14+ to avoid "random oneshots". Speed running T10s with rituals to generate money is completely valid while you are working on your gear.

Example for helmets with both Life, Intelligence and resists on Dex bases: https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Ritual/LJlKo3Gun

Spend 2 passives into Essence Sap for mana, its enough until you get your Corrupted Oro's even without rings.

Last thing, the diamond flask is not optional if you want to have any semblance of DPS.


I'm happy you had some fun with the build!
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thanks man, best build i've played in path of exile. also, your guide is so detailed and well put together, and you continue to efficiently tweak it and share info with others. what a guy.
Hi i'm currently following this guide however I'm nowhere near the high dps numbers, could you maybe give some pointers on what to improve on besides the obvious things (currently crafting t1 ele dmg vermillions and focusing on tailwind boots), I am however on 90ex + invested in the build aprox so any help would be much appreciated.

Hello guys !

Thank you for the build, it is the fastest mapper I have ever tried.

However, I am struggling with bosses (especially with Al-Hezmin, Baran,
Drox and Veritania).

What would you advise me to do in order to improve my gear ?

For some reason, the POB link isn't working for me and says it's not using the same version (my POB is up to date).

Items for review :

Thank you all !

Edit: this might be important for the topic above regarding the bosses, but i often run out of frenzy charges while hitting a single target boss. This leads to one flicker every 2 sec and if i don't get another frenzy charge, i deal no damage (only totems do then).
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Shameless self plug lol.

If anyone is wanting to go the Cold Conversion build, I have an extra sword I'm selling as I crafted a better one.

That said, I was also having some flicker strike issues on single targets when I was still using Oro's Sacrifice. I resolved that issue by investing in a Farrul's Fur and enchanted my gloves with the Aspect of the Cat ( you can put this on any piece of rare gear ). I then socketed a high level Less Duration gem on my gloves which would make each buff last about 4 seconds.

Which would give you max frenzy indefinitely, on top of 3 power charges.

^ Doing that will also open up opportunities for using a different weapon, Physical or Physical > Cold or Physical > Lightning, etc.
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