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Hmm this league, I tried a fire Oro but found it defensively too weak, died pretty often that I cannot really go past level 85

So now I did a cold Oro using replica Oro sword and at level 92 now

Using herald of ice, arctic armor, precision, flesh and stones, frostbite and aspect of the cat buff with 5k HP

Anyone can tell me why my effective DPS as shown in path of building is so weak at 700+k? How do I improve this?
Last edited by Hattori_Hanzo on Nov 23, 2021, 8:17:21 PM
I'd like to run Oros flicker with endless heist but impresence won't be available. Any suggestions? Maybe warlord ring with flammability [warlord rings from jewelery chests] or just try to squeeze in the blasphemy like with a heretic veil?
Is this build still viable for Sentinel? I played it back in harvest and it was my top 2 favorite builds of all time. I'd love to play it in 3.18 if it's still viable

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