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Could we replace one of the Flicker Strike links with Trinity to provide a 'MORE' multiplier for more damage? If so, could this also be applied to Cyclone for Single Target DPS? Which would be the best skill gem to replace? Thank you for the reply if you choose to do so :)

How would you trigger trinity? If you use Oro's you already deal mainly fire damage (that can't be converted to cold/lightning) so there is no good way of triggering it. The main use of trinity is for lightning based builds that convert ~50% to cold/fire

From what i was told/understood was regardless if you aren't converting, the more multi still applies because you're still generating stacks. Unless the text doesn't specify (or I'm blind lol) that the element that is buffed needs the stacks for that specific element, in our case fire.

From the text on the skillgem:
"Supported Skills deal (3-5)% more Elemental Damage per 5 of lowest Resonance"

Haven't played with it yet, but it seems like it wouldn't give any benefit if you don't use at least 2 elements, unless the tooltip is broken
hey, loving the build and its going pretty strong for the league, or at least better than my life storm brand build did lol. did have a question though, ive been using an enduring mana flask as a crutch for a while now and have tried to switch my flasks around to what the build actually calls for but i cant seem to keep the mana up for flicker strike on single targets. aside from turning my portal gem into a vaal breach for sustain, was wondering if yall could take a look and see what i was messing up and any ideas on what i could do/change to fix this issue. thanks in advance for the help.

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You're missing the Eleron ring enchants to reduce the mana cost of flicker strike.

You can compensate by getting Essence Sap across from Primeval Force/Elemental Dmg nodes.

I would recommend getting the correct rings though. Makes for much smoother mapping.

Edit: Another glaring issue you have is your large cluster. I understand you were probably trying to budget buy using the one you have... but it's an incredible waste of passive skills to use a "Adds 12" instead of 8. You also want all 3 notables, not just 2. Pretty big DPS and utility hit by using the one you have.

Also you want Crit Strike MULTI on your jewels, not Crit Chance.

Fix your rings, jewels, and your flasks you'll be ready to start upgrading the rest of your gear.
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How is the build for 3.14? Looking to try it out and are there any other good flicker builds for raider worth looking at, I assume I cant do Elem Reflect with this build? :<
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How do i sustain Anger with flesh and stone eats up 43.75% of my mana pool, do i need some mana gear?
What do you recommend instead of vaal grace? It can't be triggered by CWDT now, or do you still keep it and manually trigger it?

Same thing for the "blood magic" support that is now arrogance, is their any benefit in keeping it?
Guys, why on poe ninja i see every flicker converted to cold? Is it better or what? Is there any guide for converting to cold? Is it worth it?

And another question is why we are going for Avatar of the Chase in ascendancy (that one with onslaught) instead of Avatar of the Veil when we are using Cinderswallow Urn. I see that guys on cold version of flicker are using Avatar of the Veil.
I keep getting one shotted in ultimatums, otherwise atm on T5 maps and mostly fine but sometime get one shotted. Could anyone give me tips on what to fix? POB here: https://pastebin.com/bcCku1Tp
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Krimbef wrote:
What do you recommend instead of vaal grace? It can't be triggered by CWDT now, or do you still keep it and manually trigger it?

Same thing for the "blood magic" support that is now arrogance, is their any benefit in keeping it?

Vaal skills were never triggerable with CWDT. You just manually cast it.
Hey, I retry flicker for this league, but I struggle in red maps with elderslayer boss with my actual stuff:

I would need some advice on what is wrong with my gear or the passive tree, thanks for the answers.

Ps: pastbin link https://pastebin.com/ZwQDwic8

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