[3.10] Oro’s Flicker Strike Raider | Fast & tough mapper/currency farmer | 5M+ DPS


This build is designed to be a very solid and extremely fast mapper, able to chain juiced up T14+ content at a rate of 15-20maps/hours, pushing Delirium to the max. T14 Tropical Island and T16 Promenade will generate >3 Ex/h revenue from splinter farming in Delirium league.

Build in action in deep delirium, T16 promenade : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TB1gFj1Y4tE
Speed/DPS benchmark in Maze of the Minotaur : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ajebFHOffJE

The numbers featured below are based on my actual character PraiseOro, which has an unreasonable 100-120Ex invested in the build (Yes, I’m loving it!).

Don't fret about that though - no more than 2ex are required to get started, and your raider will already be an insane powerhouse at a 20ex budget - see details in gearing section.

20Ex budget, lvl 95 POB : https://pastebin.com/DiphVaWF - 4M shaper DPS, inc. totems
120Ex budget, lvl 98 POB : https://pastebin.com/rzF28KFW - 10M shaper DPS, inc. totems

Pros :
• Super fast clear, thanks to Flicker Strike mechanics and +120% built-in movespeed
• Very tough with >6000HP, 95% Evade chance, 80-90% phys reduction and 10k VMS.
• Very solid DPS, up to ≈13M DPS in map clear scenario (including splash overlap from gloves, but no totems), ≈10M DPS in bossing scenario (including DPS from totems).
• Can do all game content without requiring a stellar budget
• Highly enjoyable gameplay. Flicker strike targets stuff for you, just hold your key down to the end of the map!
• Strong enough to disrespect most game mechanics, through sheer tankiness and built-in corpse destruction (which prevent most of on-death shenanigans)
• Built-in mini Headhunter effect
• Completely off-meta, only an handful of similar builds on poe.ninja

I did not try to artificially inflate the DPS at the expense of defenses - The build balances clear speed, defenses and single target DPS to carry you through juiced up map content at lightning speed.

• Must like Flicker Strike playstyle and tolerate its inconveniences (which include dieing occasionaly after jumping right into a terrible spot)
• With 95% evade and 90% phys reduction you will be close to invulnerable against Attack damage, but not against spell damage, volatile flamebloods and the like. You will still have to pay attention to this kind of stuff.
• Not super great at bossing - flicker makes it hard to dodge shit. The hardest fights in the game (Sirus, Uber Elder..) will require a gem swap to Cyclone. Regular bosses, conquerors and guardians won't be an issue though.

Build budget and requirements - Read first!

The build is entirely based on the Oro's Sacrifice unique sword and the Impresence (fire) amulet, which are the only required uniques:

As of 3.10, a 2ex budget will be more than enough to purchase your 6L Oro's (equippable at lvl 67) and your amulet along a basic set of rares to begin mapping.

The build will then scale up to a budget of 100ex+. The scaling will come from a large number of well-chosen rares, including cluster jewels and influenced mods.

For this reason, it is not “beginner-friendly” as you will not be able to simply copy-paste my items and go. You will have to think by yourself to carefully choose your rare gear pieces and upgrade them as your power and wealth grow up. This guide assumes you have good game knowledge, know how to use Path of Building (PoB) and tinker around with options.


How does it work? Main link : Flicker Strike

Flicker Strike - Melee Splash - Multistrike - Elemental Damage with attacks -
Close Combat - Combustion

Flicker TP's you next to a nearby enemy and attacks it. Supporting it with Melee splash and Multistrike will allow us to jump from pack to pack and destroying them on hit, clearing entire maps at breathtaking speed. The last 3 supports bring as much damage as possible to the equation.

Frenzy charge generation to sustain flicker: The downside of Flicker Strike is that it consumes 1 frenzy charge each cast to bypass its 2sec cooldown. This build will generate them extremely quickly, both from our Ascendancy and from the Oro's unique modifier, which gives us one frenzy each time we ignite an enemy. With >90% ignite chance and 3hits per Flicker thanks to multistrike, frenzies are not gonna be an issue - even against single targets.

Oro's sacrifice is gonna solve us any problem generating charges. And as a bonus, it comes with up to 820 fire DPS !

How does it work? – Defensive layers

Evasion: The blind aura from Flesh&Stone, coupled with your ascendancy and flasks will be enough to hit the hard cap of 95% Evade chance.

Phys reduction: On top of that we will stack a lot of phys reduction, coming from armour, flasks, endurance charge and passive tree. Getting to 85%+ with flasks up is not unreasonable. To improve armour as much as we can, we will be looking first for STR bases on our gear.

Life pool: we will pick +134% increased life on the tree, which is somewhat on the low side. Hopefully, we will have a lot of Jewel slots (8!) and rare slots (allowing us to have T1/T2 life on every slot) to make up for it. At the end of the day, achieving a very honourable 6000+ life pool will not be too hard.

Life insurance: CWDT + Immortal Call+Increased Duration with 3 to 4 Endurance charges and a 10k Vaal Molten Shell will provide a good backup when shit hits the fan.

Endurance charge generation: We will generate them through the dirt-cheap annoint “Smashing Strikes”. Other options could be the Red Nightmare Jewel or the Enduring Composure cluster notable, but I found them to come at a higher opportunity cost.

Flasks: To complement our defensive layers and specifically raise our armour up for juicy Vaal Molten Shells, we will use 3 defensive flasks. We will roll them to also grant us Freeze and Curse immunity, which can prevent a lot of unecessary deaths in juiced up maps.

We will start by using up a Life Flask with bleed immunity in our 4th flask slot, before replacing it later with a Bottled Faith + Corrupted Blood immunity jewel.

How does it work? – DPS scaling

Overview: we will scale the high base fire damage on our Oro’s Sacrifice with :
- Anger Aura to bring even more flat damage
- A lot of increased damage / increased fire damage from tree and cluster jewels
- A shitload of Fire penetration (Up to -100% enemy fire resistance!)
- A lot of crit scaling from tree and cluster jewels
- Enough accuracy to cap our hit chance to 100%
- Onslaught with +100% effect thanks to ascendancy
- More multipliers from 6-7 Frenzy charges

Offensive auras:
We will use both Anger and Flammability-Blasphemy as offensive auras, the latter coming at 0% mana reservation thanks to our Impresence Amulet.

As your gear up and start to min/max, we will be able to add a low-level Precision (keep lvl <5 to preserve your mana pool) as a third DPS aura.

Cluster notables: The build will make generous use of the new clusters jewel with the use of 2 large and 2 medium clusters. Here are the notables we are gonna chase first:

On top of significant DPS, we will also gain life and mana leech as well as a corpse destruction mechanism. The latest is a strong defensive tool as it will prevent a lot of on death effects from triggering off. Do not fear the porcupines my friend!

As we are using a 2H, we will be able to play with a 2nd 6Linked skill in our chest. In our case, we will use a totem set up to boost our single target damage against bosses:
Ancestrall Protector - Ancestral Warchief - Multiple totems - Elemental Damage with attacks - Ruthless- Combustion (6th L)

These 3 totems will both buff you for a very significant DPS boost (40%+) and bring significant DPS on their own (600k+ shaper DPS per totem). At the end of the day, they will grant you close to 100% MORE single target damage!
6Linking your chest will however be a low priority compared to a lot of other stuff, so use a 5L (Jeweller's touch) to begin with. See gearing section.

Crit scaling:
As for all crit builds, the most important item to scale up crit will be our trusted Diamond Flask. Then, as our budget goes up, we will progressively add up an Elder Chest with extra base crit and a Bottled Faith Sulphur Flask.

How does it work? – Sustaining Life and Mana

As seen above, the build uses the cluster jewel notables Feed the Fury and Fuel the Fight as sources of life/mana leech. As you are levelling up, you can easily spec up to Vaal Pact and small node below for 4 passives.

Improving life sustain: Given the build very high clear speed, I find the mod “x% life recovered on kill” from Elder Chest to be super strong as a complement once you want to tackle more challenging content like deep delirium. See gearing section.

Improving mana sustain: As you gear up and reach unethical attack speeds thanks to your 6-7 frenzy charges and onslaught, you will eventually notice that your mana leech will start to bottleneck your DPS on single targets. When you reach this point, craft -10mana cost on one, then both your rings (Elreon’s mod, you might need a crafting service).

Gem recap

Main link:
Flicker Strike - Melee Splash - Multistrike - Elemental Damage with attacks -
Close Combat - Combustion

Alternative main link - Cyclone (Sirus, Uber Elder...)
Cyclone - Pulverise - Elemental Damage with Attacks - Fire Penetration - Immolate - Close Combat OR Infused Channeling (Ideal, but requires recoloring)

Totems for bossing:
Ancestrall Protector - Ancestral Warchief - Multiple totems - Elemental Damage with attacks - Ruthless- Combustion (6th L)

Mobility and defensive aura:
Flesh&Stone (Sand Stance) | Dash - Second Wind

Offensive auras:
Anger | Flammability - Blasphemy | Precision (lvl <5)

Life insurance
CWDT - Immortal Call - Increased Duration | Vaal Molten Shell

This will leave you with 1 spare gem slot, for your Portal for example.


Gearing-up - Getting started (Lvl 67 - 2Ex budget)

Suggested lvl 70 tree: www.poeurl.com/cQUY

What to buy/do:
• your 6L Oro’s (20-50c), divine it to >800 ele DPS and color it
• your Impresence (10c – could be much higher in the first days of the league!). Be sure to take the fire version, and annoint it with Smashing Strikes.
• 10c gear on all the other slots, should have T1/T2 life and cap your resists, and give you the Strenght (180 for Astral Plate) and Intelligence (114 for Blasphemy) you need.
• Jewel up, link and color appropriately your stuff to set up your gems properly
• Totems on your chest are unimportant at this stage. A 5L (Jeweller’s touch) is more than enough.
• Set up your flasks
• Run merciless and eternal lab. Wait to have >5000HP for the latter.

What to expect:
• Should be enough to progress your atlas to red-tier maps at a fast pace

Gearing-up – Getting to endgame (Lvl 80-90 – 5Ex budget)

Suggested lvl 82 tree: www.poeurl.com/cQU6 (Add 14 points for your 2 large cluster jewels)

What to buy/do:
• Get your large cluster jewels. Important notables are Master of Fire, Cremator for the first one, Feed the Fury and Fuel the fight for the second, both with 8 passive points and 2Jewel sockets. Don’t worry too much about the last possible notables at this stage.

• Change from Alira to 2 passive points, and tinker with your tree. You can unspec Vaal Pact/Leech nodes if you have that on your new cluster and can free-up 2 passive points close to your starting point at the cost of some life.
• Get Hunter’s gloves with “Strike skills target 1 additional enemy nearby” (1Ex – +60% DPS against packs)
• Get a collection of %increased max life, crit multi and increased damage jewels (50c each)
• Get additional Accuracy on rings/gloves – Ideally 700-800, and unspec the Honed Edge wheel for 3 extra passives. Check your hit chance is still 100%.
• Get a Watcher’s eye with 14-15% Fire Damage Pen while affected by Anger (1Ex - +12% DPS)

What to expect:
• Should be enough to carry you to T16s and start generate currency at a very reasonable pace

Gearing-up – Scale that up! (Lvl 90-95 – 20Ex Budget)

Suggested lvl 95 tree: www.poeurl.com/cQU7 (Add 18 points for your 2 large and 1 medium cluster Jewel)

What to buy/do:
• Get your Curse medium cluster Jewel with Master of Fear, Evil Eye and a Jewel slot (70c - +15% DPS)

• Buy a corrupted Oro’s with the Fortify Corruption, and get a crafter to 6L it (5-6Ex, +20% DPS AND +20% survability)
• Get an Elder Astral Plate with flat crit chance and %life recovered on kill (5-10Ex, +15%DPS). 6Link is not a priority yet.
• Purchase lvl 21/20 gems and Awakened Melee Splash / Ele damage with attacks (70c-100c each)
• Purchase a Warlord’s helmet with 9% Fire Pen (1-2Ex, +7% DPS)
• Inspired learning (2-3Ex)- Comes at a very moderate opportunity cost as our build do not go out of his way to spec the required notables.
• Vermillion bases and fertile catalysts on your rings to boost those HP up

Obviously, on top of that you'll still have to keep high life rolls, capped resists and enough Str/Int ! It's a min/maxing game after all ;D

What to expect:
• You'll get fast enough to start pushing in deep delirium in T14+ maps and get that juicy splinter farming going. You will reach 4-5M DPS in clearing (including splash from gloves) and 4M on single targets (including totems), which will be enough to cut through conquerors in seconds.
• Enough for ilvl86 bases farming in juiced up T19 maps

Gearing-up – Sky is the limit! (Lvl 95+ - 100Ex+ budget)

What to buy/do:
• A Precise Commander/Precise Retaliation medium cluster. Slighly more efficient than the Blade of Cunning wheel for your passives past lvl 95.

• Bottled Faith (15-25Ex, +25% DPS). Replaces your life flask, get a corrupted blood immunity jewel to keep up this bleed immunity.
• A 2-stat Watcher’s Eye (Fire Pen + Crit multi with Anger or Precision) (20-30Ex, +10%DPS)
• +1Strike and +1Frenzy gloves from Awakener Orb crafting (20Ex - +10% DPS)
• Awakened multistrike support(45Ex, +10% DPS)
• Tailwind OR %End charge on kill boots (20Ex+, 10% DPS). The later option allows you to replace your annoint by Frenetic, and is available at non-desesperate odds on a Redeemer's exalt slam.
• 6L your chest for totems
• A second 6L corrupted Oro’s to switch to a 3,5M+ DPS Cyclone on weapon swap – because, why not?
• %increased life, AS/incDmg and 2x crit multi jewels (8-10Ex each, +3-4% DPS each)
• Headhunter

Examples of GG gear for this build :

I am very interested by any ideas I may have missed to scale it even higher! :D

Choosing rares - stats to look for

This section will help you to choose between different rares once you start to min/max your character with expensive pieces.

The values below are indicative only and will change for your own character, so when in doubt, refer to your own POB !

Defensive stats :
+500 Evasion: no effect, we are already at the 95% evade chance cap
+500 Armour: +2% Phys reduction
+20 Life (on gear): +60 Total HP
+5% Increased Max Life = +100 Total HP

Offensive stats :
+10% Global Accuracy Rating: +3,9% DPS (if not yet at 100% hit chance)
+100 Accuracy: +1,8% DPS (if not yet at 100% hit chance)

The 100% hit chance cap will be achieved with roughly +700-750 Accuracy on your gear if you stick to the suggested tree.

+10% critical strike multiplier: +2% DPS
+5% Fire Penetration: +4% DPS
+10% increased damage (Fire, Elemental, Melee, with Swords, with 2H...): +1,4% DPS
+10% critical strike chance: +0,9% DPS
+5% Attack Speed: +1.5% DPS (beware of mana issues!)


General advice for playing the build

Filter: Use a very strict filter with a flicker build, you don’t want to stop every cast to pick up a jeweller’s. I personally only stop to pick stuff worth 1c or more, except for the loot explosion at the end of the map during which I will also pick up smaller currencies (alchs, GCPs, scours, chisels..)

Cyclone as a back-up skill:
The very same tree/gear also scale Cyclone by a lot, up to 4MDPS shaper DPS with my current gear. Ideal gem set-up requires some recoloring (see POB), but it also works fine with your default Flicker’s colors (Cyclone - Pulverise - Elemental Damage with Attacks - Fire Penetration - Immolate - Close Combat).

This will be useful when tackling content which absolutely requires precise positioning, such as Sirus or Uber Elder.

Cyclone is also inherently safer than Flicker, if a bit slower. This can be useful if you want to push for high levels (92+).

Obviously, once rich enough, you can have a second corrupted Oro’s on weapon swap with your cyclone set up.

Know your limits : Flicker strike feels godly the minute you start one-shotting everything. However, if you try to tackle hard content for your current DPS, you will find yourself jumping back and forth a lot, exposing you to lingering AoEs and the like. If you want to try something very difficult for your gear (let’s say a 100% delirium juiced up T16), Cyclone will generally feel safer than Flicker Strike.

Map mods and levelling up past 92-95

Map mods you cannot do:
• Elemental damage reflect
• Cannot leech life/mana

Map mods which significantly reduce your DPS:
• Elemental Equilibrium (everything will get +50% fire res after the first hit)
• +40% Monster Elemental Resistance
• Monsters are Hexproof

I'd recommend to avoid combinations of several of those - It's not that you can't do the map, but it might become a bit tedious if you are undergeared.

Pushing for high levels:
When trying to push for high levels (let's say past 92), I also recommend you to be really careful with the following things:

• You are relatively squishy when you enter a new area (no fortify, 30% evade from onslaught, end charges etc...). Be careful not to get shotgunned to death at the first door of the map!
• "-10% on maximum resistances" and "Player are cursed with elemental weakness" are a good recipe to get one-shotted by a spell crit. You have a curse immunity flask for the latter, but there is always some down time.
• "x% Chance to attrack beyond mobs" is a very juicy mod, especially with inspired learning, but can also be very rippy especially if you are a bit short on DPS. Can also occasionnaly turn your screen to a slideshow.
• "Players cannot regen life/mana" can screw you hard if for whatever reason you find yourself without the mana for your next flicker
• Avoid deep delirium in higher tier maps, stacked-up degen zones and AoEs can be very rippy.

As stated above, Flicker Strike is not a safe skill. You WILL eventually jump back into a pack of bearers you half-slaughtered, of right next to an Ice Nova strongbox you just activated. When levelling up starts to be hard, I recommend you to temporarily switch to cyclone. It will be somewhat slower, but much safer.

I was able to level up to 97 (4h from 95>96, 5h from 96>97) in juiced-up T14+ at AL8 applying the guidelines above. I had to resort to tryhard recipes (in my case, ≈70 T14 Poorjoy's) to lvl up to 98.

Can this build do content XYZ?


To elaborate a bit more, flicker can indeed make your life difficult when precise positioning is key. But even in a worst case scenario, you are only a gem swap away (or a weapon swap away, once wealthy) from transitioning to a Cycloner with multi-million shaper DPS and above average survability.

I completed all difficult challenges in delirium with this one and only character, including Sirus AL8, Uber Elder and 100% Delirious juiced up T16. Simulacrum 20/20 will be a joke.

POB notes

PoB links:
20Ex budget, lvl 95: https://pastebin.com/DiphVaWF
120Ex budget, lvl 98 : https://pastebin.com/rzF28KFW

This POB was created on the POB Community Fork, v1.4.169.2
Be sure to use this fork to have proper calculation for Close Combat and Multistrike supports, among other things. Download it from here : https://github.com/PathOfBuildingCommunity/PathOfBuilding

-The Master of Fire Notable does not calculate properly on POB. I added the relevant modifier directly on the Cluster Jewel (10% Fire Pen).

-The luxury version of boots has the Redeemer's mod "10% chance to generate an endurance charge on kill". This allows us to annoint Frenetic rather than Smashing Strikes. To keep the POB more simple, I added the annoint directly on the boots.

-To switch between the Luxury and 20Ex budget version of the POB, just replace every slot labelled as Luxury by its "20Ex budget" version. Also swap out Awakened Multistrike for a regular 21/20 Multistrike. Unspec the Blade of Cunning wheel and maybe a couple life nodes to simulate a lower level character.

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Last bumped on May 23, 2020, 12:02:12 PM
looks promising! definitely going to try this out
JUst added a gameplay clip, which should be a testament to the build speed and power : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TB1gFj1Y4tE

(Juiced up T16 promenade, 4x sextants, AL7)
Last edited by Heinarc on Apr 19, 2020, 11:31:08 AM
Looks like a pretty well-written guide.

I've been trying to make a flicker build for the past few days and I mainly try to stick to other people's guides and ideas as they have more experience, but this league very few people seem to be playing standalone Flicker builds.

I started with my Assassin, which got switched to Trickster as it seems to have better synergy with Flicker. I got to 15 mil+ dps on PoB using cluster jewels, and even though it was indeed kinda squishy, the main issue was Frenzy charge generation. Using Saviour was amusing, but I guess even your build won't work without Oro's Sacrifice. I just don't know if the Raider's frenzy charge on hit is a must when it comes to single target, because I couldn't make it work using my Trickster.

For Close Combat Support, you should be able to calculate it using the "melee distance to enemy" option in PoB config.
do we need enlighten gem? not enough mana for all auras..
edit: nvm im stupid realized i bought amulet with the wrong aura
Last edited by TYZILLA1 on Apr 19, 2020, 6:57:01 PM
can you check my pob and see what i can do to get my dps / life up. Im about 2mil short from your dps but i havent set up the totems yet & about 1k less life. I ran a few test maps and survivability doesnt seem like an issue so id like to just get my dps up as much as possible from this point on
@ Denisian

I just don't know if the Raider's frenzy charge on hit is a must when it comes to single target, because I couldn't make it work using my Trickster

These Saviour builds usually opt for a Farrul's Fur to help with Frenzies, and Awakened Multistrike might also help by adding a 4th strike as an extra opportunity to generate a charge.
The downside is that the entry ticket of this kind of gear (Saviour + Paradoxica + Farrul's Fur + Awakened Multistrike) is not really on the cheap side of things. I might POB a variant and feature it as an alternative version though, I would be interested if you could PM me your own POB :D

Issue with Close Combat calculation in POB is solved. Use the latest community fork version!

I see you already equipped some pretty gear :D
From what I can see, you are still missing a Watcher's Eye with Anger Fire Pen (Crit Multi from Anger or Precision as a costly bonus) and probably lack some Accuracy to cap your hit chance. Check your POB to see if allocating Eagle Eye could give you a DPS boost.

An Inspired Learning won't increase POB numbers, but it will feel like a large power increase in this build which excels in juiced up maps. I'd say it is equivalent to a 15-20% DPS increase.

At last, review your POB for the following things :
-Is the Fire Pen from your helmet calculating correctly? I had to manually edit it in mine ("Damage Penetrates 9% Fire Resistance")
-Have you ticked "Enemy is intimated" (Master of Fear notable), "Enemy stands on consecrated ground" (Bottled Faith) and "Enemy is Ignited" (Oro's) in the config?
Last edited by Heinarc on Apr 21, 2020, 8:06:40 AM
Added a few sections and cleaned the POB a bit.

Also added a Maze of the Minotaur run as a Speed/DPS benchmark : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ajebFHOffJE

Map is cleared in 2:30, including getting in, looting and getting out. Boss is DPSed down in a bit less than 4sec, so actual DPS is about 8M shaper DPS here (this Guardian has 32M HP according to the wiki, and no map mods are affecting his health pool. My gear was not entirely maxed out yet).

I now consider this guide more or less finished, but would appreciate to know what you guys think!
Last edited by Heinarc on Apr 24, 2020, 8:55:18 AM
Trying out this build. Got a oro and the amulet so far. Wondering how good is it with sim within a 15-20ex budget.
For those who are looking to level with this build, I will add some tips. Use Daresso's passion and shark dance for perma frenzy through levelling. I literally killed stuff while moving lol. Here is my levelling setup that I am using from lvl 1.

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