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Yes, grabbing the %HP nodes in your starting area is a perfectly valid choice, and I recommend it on your way to lvl 90.

However, I feel that later on the 3 passives you can free up by taking the shorter path will net you a bit more by granting you an extra jewel socket, or cluster notable. This is however completely up to you!

To help everyone choosing their own rares, I also added a new paragraph in the gearing section.


Stats we are looking for

The values below are indicative for a ≈20ex character and will change for your own gear, so when in doubt, refer to your own POB !

Defensive stats :
+500 Evasion: no effect, we are already at the 95% evade chance cap
+500 Armour: +2% Phys reduction
+20 Life (on gear): +60 Total HP
+5% Increased Max Life = +100 Total HP

Offensive stats :
+10% Global Accuracy Rating: +3,9% DPS (if not yet at 100% hit chance)
+100 Accuracy: +1,8% DPS (if not yet at 100% hit chance)

The 100% hit chance cap will be achieved with roughly +700-750 Accuracy on your gear if you stick to the suggested tree.

+10% critical strike multiplier: +2% DPS
+5% Fire Penetration: +4% DPS
+10% increased damage (Fire, Elemental, Melee, with Swords, with 2H...): +1,4% DPS
+10% critical strike chance: +0,9% DPS
+5% Attack Speed!: +1.5% DPS (beware of mana issues!)
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Just started this build a few days ago and loving it. I've got a question about the weapon though. So I've never done any real crafting in the game, mostly I've just bought what I needed. I decided to give it a shot this time though, not sure why. I'm pretty positive I've screwed something up.


I read the wiki and learned you can change the sockets on a corrupted item by using the crafting bench. Honestly had no idea before that. So I bought a 810dps Oro's with a level 10 Fortify corrupt and only 2 sockets thinking I was a genius. Next best option with the correct sockets, 6L with a Fortify corrupt but only 775dps was 10ex.

Dropped my Oro's in the bench, and the 6 Linked option was 1500 fusings. Bought those, tried it and got the message "Wrong number of sockets." Realized I needed to make it 6 sockets before 6 linking it. 6 sockets was 350 jewelers AND 350 vaals. Well, the 1500 fusings I bought already cost an ex, so figured another 2ex for the 350 vaals wasn't too bad. So I bought the vaals, and 6 socketed it. Then went to fuse it, and now the bench wants 1500 fusings AND 1500 vaals. Well, thats another 9 or 10ex. Then I've got to recolor the sockets too. I'm already 3ex in to this so I was actually debating it, but I've only got 14ex left. This is the last character I want to play this league so I'm not worried about trying to save up or anything, but cant help but wonder if the money would be better spent elsewhere. I mean for that much, I could get a Farrul's Fur, Paradoxia, and a Saviour.

TL;DR: I'm about to be dumb and broke, instead of just dumb.

So I guess that's two questions? Is there a better way to go about getting a high dps Oro's with the right sockets? Because 15-20ex seems like a lot for a weapon when I've probably put 2-4ex into the rest of my gear. I'm more thinking about the next league than this one, but I still want to 36/40 this league.

And is it worth it to drop all that extra ex making my own 810dps Oro's instead of just buying a 5ex 775dps Oro's?

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Well, slowly by slowly, I am going to reach level 90 and improve my damage. Big decision : I need to skip some boss map sometime, because they are impossible (depends of the mods added). Make life much more easy for levelling :)

Haha, that's too bad but we all often learn stuff the hard way in PoE.

Cost-wise, vaal orbs being crazy expensive right now makes the corrupted Oro unusually costly. Was much better when I did mine, they were 4:1c then. Trying to link yourself a 810DPS+ corrupted Oro's instead of buying an average one still is the correct decision for such an expensive item IMO. That said, the final difference between a 750 and 810 DPS will only be something like 5%, so it really is up to you at the end of the day.

It will still be a crazy strong upgrade and very worth it. LVl 10 fortify reads 20% MORE melee damage + Fortify effect = 20% LESS damage taken. Its like getting both a 1000 DPS weapon and +1200 HP at the same time.

If you want to see what how worth it is for more meta items, check out the price of a Fortify-corrupted Starforge (https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Delirium/opVaOQGcl - 120Ex for the good ones, instead of 2Ex for a regular 6L).

Coloring will be not too hard. Use this chrome calculator when in doubt https://siveran.github.io/calc.html, it shows you should only need an average of 5 tries with 1B at bench (4vaals/4chromes a pop) to color it.

That said, if you are tight on ressources, consider buying an excellent chest and your Inspired learning first. They are both strong upgrades, and if for whatever reason you want to try a different build, they can be easily sold back for their full price.

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Posting a small update. It seems the 100% ignite chance helped a lot in not dying. Now the cremator works with all mobs so no explosions etc. Clearing vaaled t14s fine atm with 5k Hp. It can also happen cause of 100% hit chance too I guess. I will keep testing to see how it goes.

EDIT: Atm it seems I can clear normal mobs fine and bosses about 70-80% of the time. If I lag or something then I die.

Also getting trouble with metamorph monsters in t14+ maps.
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Hey !

Yeah, the Cremator notable is a real life changer :-) I quickly looked your gear up, you already got some great stuff. You should start to feel very strong by now.

I think it will now more come down to playstyle :

- Flasks and totems boost your defenses/DPS greatly. Be sure everything is popped up when you deal with a boss/metamorph

- I'd replace your quicksilver by a Basalt, or a least get a +80% armour modifier on one of the flasks. Your VMS are probably not super juicy right now, I'd be aiming for 8k+, which should be enough to kill anything before it even expires.

- The build is quite vulnerable to spells/ degen AoEs, as they ignore your 95% evade chance and phys reduction. Don't linger on rares more than 1-2sec if it exposes you to incoming spells, especially in delirium. Keep moving!

- Deep delirium in T14+ will stay rippy no matter what, you will end up flickering in bad shit sooner or later. Don't engage with that when trying to lvl up. Raising HP past 6k will help, and a portal gem on your CWDT set-up can be really convenient as well (you dont loose the delirium timer if you RIP).

- Gear-wise, STR bases will help juicing up your VMS. I see you also included megalomaniacs, be sure to check in POB every passive you spend (including travel nodes) nets you with at least +3% DPS or +100 final HP (5% inc. max life).
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I really like your guide. Itried to emulate it
I annointed "Disciple of the Unyielding" instead of smashing strikes..it is a bit more expensive but i think 1 minimum endurance charge and 5-15% increased dmg and only 5% chance to generate on kill is better then 10% on crit to generate a charge? of course against bosses, if there are no minions there will be no kills...usually i run around with 3 endurance and 8 frenzy.
Any reason why no disciple of the slaughter? it gives me +40% dmg +16% attackspeed another 5% chance, 16% speed and 40% evasion...
In my build I went with dodge instead of high armor..precursor ring and vectors as well as the nodes give me around 58/30% dodge on attack /spell ..
and keep up the good work
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Hi !!

It is going better for me. I can farm very quick juicy T14 map, even T15 and T16 if the rare modifier are not bad (hexproof, or resist elemental, or enfeeble are dangerous sometime). I still dying sometime with bosses, but I think it is more due to my lack of experience about knowledge of the behavior..... You cannot facetank and spam flicker strike without knowing what you do in this game at high level.
I have few question to perfect my build :

when I look your POB,
Crit Chance: 62.71 %
Effective Crit Chance: 86.09 %
Crit Multiplier: 548%

I have the same skill tree as you , but if I look my stat ingame I have this :

Crit Chance : 26.3 %
Crit mult : 346 %

Which is clearly not enough !!
My tree is same, so I don't understand where it comes from : my GEAR ? or the POB calculator is just different tool ?

Beacause I am going to by a watcher eye, and I hesitate what would be best :
_ + 50 % crit mult when affected by precision
- + 50 attack damage when affected by precision

In my case the 2nd one is maybe better..... I am little lost about this now !

My Oro's corrupted fortify changed my life BTW .... :) :)

Thanks in advance for your advices, I am really close to endgame now !!
@ xArathornx

Going dodge (Acrobatics, Phase Acro, Vaal Grace instead of VMS, Quartz flask instead of Granite) is certainly an option!
What you gain :
- no need to get as much STR as you will look for DEX based pieces
- A huge 40-70% more survability against spells thanks to Spell Dodge

What you loose :
- a bunch (≈60%) of Phys reduction, making you susceptible to Melee one-shots (Metamorphs...)
- 3 passives (6 to get Phase Acro, -3 as you unspec Soul of Steel) so ≈10% DPS
- the broken skill that is Vaal Molten Shell

I played a very close variant of the build in Metamorph which was dodge-based, and while it was doing very fine I prefer to have (Phys reduction + VMS) as my second defensive layer. I suggest you test both, swapping only passives and flasks! The spell dodge might actually be very worth it with the Delirium mechanics.

For those who are looking at variants, the build can also be played as a Scion, Slayer or Chieftain, each one with their pro and cons! Raider is to my taste the more balanced between raw damage/speed/survability, that's why I featured it, but the others can certainly be considered as well.

@ Padamphet
I'm glad you like it!

This low crit chance is very normal with your current gear, it's due to the Oro's low base crit chance (5%). So even with +400% crit chance (Tree, gear, clusters), you are still at 5% * (1+ 400%) = 25% before the Diamond Flask, 43% with it.

That's why among the next upgrades are an Elder chest (up to +1,5% base crit chance) and a Bottled Faith (up to +2% base crit)

With the Chest alone, you new crit chance will then be of (5% + 1,5%) * (1+400%) = 32,5% before the Diamond flask, 54% with it. Which will translate to a +15% DPS increase on a single stat!

=> Keep following the upgrade list and you will eventually get to those crazy numbers.

For your Watcher's Eye, 15% fire penetration > 50% crit multiplier >> 50% increased damage. I recently added a paragraph at the beginning of the gearing section to help with this kind of choices.

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Finally, yesterday I changed a life flask against a Diamond flask, this change my life a lot !!! Diamond flask is insane !! i forget use it before.
Then I get my watcher eye ! I reached level 91 quite easily and killed the warlord level 4 atlas die only 1 time ( I don't know wel the mechanics, and died because lack of charge in mana flask....)
Question about the annointment / as I get my endurance charges from boots, I am quite free about chosing annointment.

Actually I use : TICKERY
I was thinking about switch to :
-Arcane Chemistry or Druidic rite or Essence Sap(to take care of mana sometime lack of charge against boss)
-Divine Judgment or Divine Fervor to boost elemental damage
-Other option ??

What do you think is the best for my build wich is very different from yours ....but cannot be exactly same !!

I am going level 160+ delve now and crush ennemies with amazing speed. Nothing can stop me now. This build is really powerfull when you get close to the endgame :) !!!!

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