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Hey, here's how I would go further :

- For the annointment, tick "Show Node Power" in POB to highlight the best options. Frenetic has my preference, since on top of a 10% DPS increase you will also get the movespeed of the extra Frenzy charge. Assassination, Disemboweling and Divine Fervour are strong choices as well.

- Flasks. Your Lion's Roar doesn't bring any DPS benefit with the build (Oro's read "No physical damage"), and the mana flask should be replaced by a source of mana leech. I suggest you go through the guide sections "Defensive layers" and "Sustaining life and mana" to understand why I advertise certain choices.

NB : if you do not have mana leech on clusters ("Fuel the Fight"), you can spec a single mana leech node on the "Essence Sap" wheel.

- Large Clusters. I really recommend going 8 nodes clusters with 2 jewels sockets each. Each passive you save is important, and a jewel socket is worth 2 to 3 passives (Think +6% increased life and +30% increased damage with even a budget jewel). I understand you play standard and they are more scarce and costly than in league, but its really, really worth it !

Good luck trashing those conquerors ! :D
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Hi, awesome build! My gems are still low level but I'm having a blast playing this build! I have a question though, my gloves has a "Chance To Impale Enemies On Hit" modifier, will it still work after applying Flammability curse or this cancels out (vice-versa) the Flammability curse applied on enemies?


Do you recommend me getting a new pair or try looking for "Applies Additional Curse" on a chest piece for it to work? I could also change the anointment on my Impresence to "Whispers Of Doom" but I'm not sure if it's worth one less Frenzy Charge for it though.


Hey ! I'm glad you like it !

No worries with Impale, it's not a curse and wont interfere with Flammability. You can visually check it with the flammability icon above enemies when they get near you. It won't however bring any benefit to the build, as it only works with physical damage.
Have you tried it with cinderflask for mana issues? Cinder with crit mod should be nice xD.
Great! I thought it will cancel out the curse, although a bummer that it only affects physical damage.

Made a slight upgrade to my gloves.


Also, "Non-Channeling Skills Have -x To Total Mana Cost" Isn't necessary right?
Great gloves!

"Non-Channeling Skills Have -x To Total Mana Cost" will become necessary once you get your corrupted Oro's, which will add another 130% mana cost multiplier. Without it you will notice that mana sustain will bottleneck your single target DPS.

Cinderswallow is a great flask, but I don't recommend it for this build - you already have an Onslaught mechanic from your ascendancy, so the flask slot would be mostly wasted.
Thx for your answer...I have to admit this build is nothing for epileptics ;)
you keep the attack button pressed and with almost 4 attacks per second..this is not for the fainthearted..i understand now why so many people prefer cyclone...
you eitehr clear everything or you die and don't know why (mostly aoe)..
"Downgraded" a bit on my rings so that I could apply the two "Non-Channeling Skills Have -x To Total Mana Cost" for each.


It plays much smoother now and I hope that don't have to deal with any mana issues whatsoever.
I was previously using these ones. (might be up for sale if anyone's interested)


Also, sorted out my resistances and attribute issues, just had to focus with leveling for now.
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GREAT guide, with variety of budgets. Loved it. Will message you in game if you don't mind to clear some doubts. Thanks for the effort.
Thank you for your support!

You can whisp me IG if needed but don't hesitate to ask here - it may help others!

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