[3.13] 🔥Oro’s Flicker Strike Raider🔥 | Top tier mapper/currency farmer | 10M+ DPS | All Content

POB and guide fully updated for 3.11.

I also added a 2Ex budget version for leaguestarting, which should be strong enough to handle T16s quite easily and generate enough currency for whatever upgrades you want.

Main changes:
Nerfs to Soul of Steel & Vaal Molten Shell made me switch the secondary defensive layer of the build from Phys Reduction to dodge.

We will keep enough HP and phys reduction to avoid one-shots shenanigans, and the build shoud feel tanky as ever as it now features an extra 50% avoidance against spells, on top of near immunity to regular attacks.

With some tweaks to the tree, flasks (now featuring The Wise Oak) and choice of cluster jewels, the high-end overall DPS is now even a bit higher than before despite the nerfs on crit multi.

Let me know if you notice anything I may have overlooked, and good leaguestart to everyone!
Seems silly not to fit an instant Warcry into the mix.
i think you accidentally put +12% to melee crit strike chance on the 2ex jewel instead of crit multi
i think you accidentally put +12% to melee crit strike chance on the 2ex jewel instead of crit multi

Yeah, I've noticed that this morning and corrected it - New POB link should be correct. It was only present in the 2ex version. Thank you!

Seems silly not to fit an instant Warcry into the mix.

I agree with that - Allocating the Call to Arms keystone only cost us 1 passive, and we have the free gem slot. Precision can be ditched if required (3,5% DPS) to make space for a Portal gem. I've not included one yet as they are currently not supported by POB.

Here are the most interesting options:

• Enduring Cry to generate endurance charges. Allows to replace the Smashing Strike annoint by Frenetic, for +10% DPS and +8% movespeed. Plus some heal and defensive benefits. Not bad.

• Infernal Cry to increase fire damage taken by nearby enemies. 12% more DPS on a isolated boss. Plus fire explosions as a bonus. Excellent as well.

• General's Cry + a 5Linked Tectonic slam, as a replacement of our Ancestral Totems. With high-end gear, could raise 5 Ancestors, each one of them performing a screen wide slam for 800 000+ average damage. Every 4 seconds. Yeah.
Sounds extremely OP to me if you want to focus high-end mapping and have enough DPS to cut through bosses without totems. Probably great for things like destroying Legions or 80% delirious maps, but the AI may prove clunky. Will definitely try it out though!
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Nice updates!! Will be reading it tonight. General's cry looks promising.
Thanks for the effort.
I don't see any write up on why the choice to kill all bandits for 2 points was taken over Alira, when this appears to be a fairly crit-heavy build. 20% crit multi is pretty powerful in crit builds, and +15% all res allows for focusing other stats in the build. Though 2 skill points are very versatile too, it's just not as strong as 3 points was in the past before it got nerfed.

Also while I do understand this is obviously meant to be a map clearing build, I'm wondering how painful endgame bosses will be since I see no videos of any of them hehe.

Wondering if anything below the super crazy uber bosses & A8 Sirus can be done with flicker through facetanking with vaal pact leech (like white/yellow elder).

I generally like to at least kill yellow elder / A1 Sirus in my playthroughs if possible, though I guess it more than likely can be done by switching to cyclone. Generally I would not wish to switch to cyclone if I don't have to though.

I also wonder if any endgame bosses are doable with gear that isn't crazy either (aka with only 2-6 ex worth of gear). I think bosses like yellow elder / A1 Sirus and below should be though.

Other than that, solid guide, thanks. =)
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Alira is an entirely fine choice, even recommended while you are leveling and on very budget gear. Later on, the 2 extra points will yield (slightly) better results once you start to have decent items.

-You have enough rare slots to quite easily overcap your resists unbuffed, +End charges, + Wise Oak... so 15% all is not very relevant later on.
-20% crit multi = +3,8 % DPS, not bad, but each extra passive on tree can yield +3% average. Hence my choice to go with 2 passives.

Concerning bosses, don't worry too much, the build is designed to be an all-rounder, it's just not where it shines.

Guardians, T14+ Conquerors : use gem swap to Cyclone if you want to do them with starter gear - they should be entirely doable with lvl 85-88 and 3-4ex in the build. Can be facetanked using Flicker once you have enough DPS to cut through them within your flask duration (around 3-5M shaper DPS, from 10-20ex budget).
Just try to manually avoid their most deadly attacks such as Al-Hezmin poison pool, or Phoenix charge-up.
>If you are very thin on DPS, roll your guardian maps to avoid mods which would reduce your damage (hexproof, extra monster life, extra elemental resistance)

Shaper, Elder : can be done with flicker no problem if you are familiar with the fights and have enough DPS. They should be reasonably doable from 5-6ex budget. It's still easier to dodge and take your time if you use Cyclone.

Sirus, Uber Elder, Atziri : require a gem swap to Cyclone (or Tectonic Slam if you want to feel special :D), flicker will not allow you to dodge the various degen zones / deaths lasers etc..

Sirus is specifically an ass to the build because his immunity phases will break your Onslaught/Frenzies/Endurance charges, lowering your DPS and making you much more vulnerable at the beginning of each phase.
Sirus A1 is quite easy, but I'd say you need a 20ex budget for Sirus A8 or Uber Elder. Last league I sold my first 4-5 A8 Sirus (2Ex each) before putting him on farm mode, but you can certainly do it earlier if you are more skilled than me!

Hope this helps !
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Thanks for the fast reply! And it does both help a lot and make sense.

I may give this build a shot as my league starter, and league ender, since I usually only play one char per league since I hate grinding to act 10 more than one haha.

I'm totally out of ideas and am not feeling rolling a caster this league, despite them being buffed this league, so this is looking promising.

Oro's Sacrifice surprisingly avoided the 2h unique nerfs. It only got one small change, which is changing the +30% global accuracy to +30% elemental damage with attack skills. Which would be a buff in the long run, if accuracy capped.

My only small concern is the late game scaling, being kind of pidgeon-holed into Oro's and building the whole passive tree around it leaves little (or no) other weapon choices.. but money can be dumped into other gear to min-max, so it's not the end of the world.


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so is this build playable on league start day , where we scramble for an oro's but obviously can't get impresence until people start farming elder?
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Hey! Correct, see leaguestart section.

Oro's is a common, quite off-meta unique. Finding a good one for 1 to 5c should not be difficult even on leaguestart. Last league, a 6Linked one was worth 30c in the first week (linked unique drops from Metamorphs and Delirium).

Impresence needs people killing Elder, and will be quite looked after for the first few days. They will be costly on the first couple of days , but their price will drop quickly, see price history for last league https://poe-antiquary.xyz/Delirium/Accessory/Impresence,%20Fire/4754

(It might actually be even more popular this league with more Chieftain, Tectonic slam builds...)

You can progress to yellow maps without an impresence without issues, but it will be a nice boost going into red maps. So it will mostly come down to how much you plan to play/progress in the first few days.
If you want to go ham and play 10h/d for the full week, it's not the best leaguestarter ever, but it can certainly be done.
If you want to reach maps this week-end, progress white & yellow during the week and get to red maps next weekend, you are gonna be fine.
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