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ya im likely to still be in yellows by next weekend so sounds like itll be fine
Kana-chan's Bench Crafting
IGN: Waited so long, use the copypaste below <3
Copypasta: @Frozen_Orb Hi, I would like to buy your Craft Service in Expedition

Please leave a vouch after I craft for you <3
Where do you get fortify?
On your regular main link with a starter budget, later on with the "supported by lvl 10 fortify" corruption on your Oro's (should be roughly 50c to buy a corrupted Oro's, and 5-6ex to get the 1850 vaals, 350 jewellers and 1500 fusings to 6S/6L it)
Giving this a try! What order did you take the ascendancies?
Get frenzies first ! More movespeed is very nice to have while leveling (and you can still have onslaught on a Silver Flask), and it will help sustain flicker against single targets once you equip your Oro's.
with the nerf to cluster jewel drops and crafting, any other setup for skilltree without clusters?
Just making sure I understand, so you leave the fortify gem in (instead of combustion) until you get an oro's with the fortify corruption?

Also, smashing strikes on the amulet is only for the endurance charges right? Or am i missing something there. Would taking the new Elusive node No Witnesses make any sense?

Leveled to maps last night, went very smooth. Thanks!
Correct, and correct!

Combustion if you want to have more DPS, Fortify if you want to play it safe. Just plan the colors to your preference, or get a white socket from Vorici.

Regarding Smashing Strikes, this annoint can now be replaced by the new Enduring Cry, which is extremely strong. You'll need 1 passive to spec the Call to Arm keystone to make it instant, then just map it to you left mouse button. Will trigger every 4seconds without requiring any other action from your part.

=> No Witnesses would probably be the strongest defensive annoint to get
=> Frenetic is the best offensive annoint (10-11% more DPS)

As the last note, linking Vaal Grace along your CWDT set-up (CWDT - IC - Increased Duration) will make it benefit from increased duration, for 10sec total of 50%ish incoming damage reduction. Not bad!

Will update the guide with the above once I'll have played at bit more in 3.11 and explored more options - I'm currently trying a phys variant in SSF :D
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Hey , Love the everything about your build.
Ive been playing witch for years now and i think i got bored of all casting spells.

I'm looking for something similiar to arc+lightning warp poets pen(before Nerfs) and i think this is the closest thing to it this current league.Just wanted to ask if this is the right build or is there something else i should check out.
I love the Mobility+clear in this build manily and the lack of multiple skills needed to be used.

@ Flanis
with the nerf to cluster jewel drops and crafting, any other setup for skilltree without clusters?

=> The build will do OK on a budget without clusters - see the 2ex starter version. They'll still bring serious punch once you get a few ex to invest though.

Just checked the new weightings. The large cluster 8Passives/Feed the Fury/Fuel the Fight/2 jewels sockets should be ok-ish to get. Will be difficult this week of course, but prices should remain reasonable. Maybe a couple ex. Surefooted Striker is not too hard to get either for the expensive version (2 large jewels, each one with Surefooted Striker and one of the 2 above).

For the medium cluster jewel, Master of Fire weighting got nerfed into oblivion. It will be extremely hard to get the perfect 4-5Passives/Master of Fire/Cremator/Jewel Socket cluster.

Cremator is key for the build (corpse destruction), so keep it and try to get it alongside Cooked Alive (pretty much as good as MoF, but low weighting as well) or Burning Bright (not as good, but decent).

Will update guide and PoB a couple weeks into Harvest to adapt to the new economy.

Just wanted to ask if this is the right build or is there something else i should check out.

If you happen to have a high level character on standard with enough dex/str to equip an Oro's (you can use Astramentis for example), I would just recommend to try Flicker on a 3-4L with Flicker - Multistrike - Melee Splash against easy mobs (acts..). Even on lvl 1 gems, it will give you a good idea of how it feels !
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