3.10.1d Patch Notes

"Fixed a bug where Omniphobia, Fear Manifest could sometimes get stuck in terrain after using its Leap Slam skill."

PLEASE FIX THIS FOR PLAYERS TOO!!!!!!!!! Im really tired of ripping because I got stuck on a wall or column or other environment crap.
i had the same problem the game starts and crash my pc

as if it wasn't enough the game got corrupted
Sirus fight is so packed with bugs that it's often pretty much unplayable, and shouldn't be in the game in it's current state, which unfortunately is barely adressed in this patch.
Anyone else stuck on "checking resources"? This patch is only 1gb (roughly) correct? Then it's definitely not a space issue as I have over 500 gbs empty on the drive. Firewall isn't blocking it or anything either

Just curious if anyone else has had this problem and figured out a fix. Thanks

lmao found a thread where it said to just keep restarting the client till and it will work eventually...and it did just that xD

So if this is happening to anyone else..just restart the client a ton and pray
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Sirus Improvements
Thats funny, because there is no improvement at all.
Worst boss encounter I've ever seen.

Each time you change something related to Sirus, we need to learn how to deal with the new bugs during the fight.

I think its time to definely change the fight at all, because it is not interesting neither competitive.
Thanks for the update. My cpu usage is 100% now, and RAM usage went 700+MB. Cant play the game anymore.
"Fixed the bug where the game was sometimes launching and sometimes even keeping portals to your precious maps on and alive. At least half of them. Finally, we solved this problem too!"

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What is going on? Yesterday everything was fine 140+ fps. After 3.10.1d update, such garbage drop FPS and frametime peaks!
Why does this game reserve 21 GB of space for a 2GB patch?
madrox8 wrote:
Im having the weirdest bug and I don't see anyone else having this issue as I am since this patch released

whenever I click on something my character will head over to it and then once reached to the location just runs past it or stands ontop of it and not interact with said object. this includes picking up items, interacting with stash, map devices, and other things. the only way the interaction happens is if im already ontop of said thing and click again.

never had I encountered this issue in the years iv played and started with this update and its borderline frustrating to play like this as my risk of death if I want to quickly grab a drop is much much higher and if I kill everything and try to pick things up takes a giant amount of time now to do so.

I have exactly the same problem:

Edit: The problem came from a skill assigned to LMB. All good! :)
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