3.10.1d Patch Notes

Getting some crazy performance issues also requests to pathofexile.com TIMEOUT like crazy...

The more "performance improvements" the more stuttering. Now it's 0-10 fps for 30 seconds on EVERY delirium portal, not only on first like it was before.

To make it almost playable I have to paste old nvidia shader cache files to the cache folder every time I start the game...
"Could not start the patched client (-1)"...rip
I also downloaded the 1gig patch. Then went to open and crashed. Pop up box said I had to delete a file cause it was corrupt. Now I am re-downloading the game again, all 20.44 gigs. /sadface
CTRL + F "pledge"

Bom dia!! está dando erro na atualização!!
*Informa que não foi possivel cliente atualizado (-1)
Não sei q erro é esse!!
Im having the weirdest bug and I don't see anyone else having this issue as I am since this patch released

whenever I click on something my character will head over to it and then once reached to the location just runs past it or stands ontop of it and not interact with said object. this includes picking up items, interacting with stash, map devices, and other things. the only way the interaction happens is if im already ontop of said thing and click again.

never had I encountered this issue in the years iv played and started with this update and its borderline frustrating to play like this as my risk of death if I want to quickly grab a drop is much much higher and if I kill everything and try to pick things up takes a giant amount of time now to do so.
Seem to be getting really bad frame rate issues after the patch today.
Cannot tell what is causing it. Went from smooth 60fps with pestilent strike to choking on stutters and frame drops.
Cpu usage seems to be through the roof now when it was fine before. *shrug*
Is there a fix planned soon? Any news?
The game is unplayable for me.
still not able to play.
I login enter char selection and when I chose a char in delirium league it crashes to desktop.

Standard league works.

Already switched to no filter.. what I should do?

cpu : i5 2500
gpu : gtx 1070


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