3.10.1d Patch Notes

After 2 hours of trying to make the game works im done..... FPS drops and random crashes to dekstop all the fucking time. Everything worked perfectly fine untill the patch. Thanks.
Regera wrote:
madrox8 wrote:
Im having the weirdest bug and I don't see anyone else having this issue as I am since this patch released

whenever I click on something my character will head over to it and then once reached to the location just runs past it or stands ontop of it and not interact with said object. this includes picking up items, interacting with stash, map devices, and other things. the only way the interaction happens is if im already ontop of said thing and click again.

never had I encountered this issue in the years iv played and started with this update and its borderline frustrating to play like this as my risk of death if I want to quickly grab a drop is much much higher and if I kill everything and try to pick things up takes a giant amount of time now to do so.

I have exactly the same problem:

Edit: The problem came from a skill assigned to LMB. All good! :)

holy moly that did work, you are a blessing, this bug needs to be fixed
Game crashing more.
what is the reasoning behind allowing Shaper Guardian Maps to change with Horizon Orbs but not the Elder Guardian Maps?
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Since the last update, I can't play the game anymore, it's constantly crashing to desktop.... help!!
GGG, please fix in Sirus offscreen DIE beam!
My first attempt (A5) and 5x death on the offscreen DIE beam!
It seems the previous bug from last league of conquerors not spawning after killing Sirus has returned. Running T16 maps, still nothing in any of the maps missing a watchstone, with 4 watchstones allocated in that region. Is there any idea when this can be fixed? I'm a bit saddened as I honestly thought this bug was fixed last league when it was first found. (FYI I only have my first Sirus kill this league, and I did not fail it which seems to be attributed to last leagues bug...)
wtf happened to splinter drops ? is it okay to get 2 splinters from a juiced t16 fully cleared under delirium ?
The Mirror of Kalandra :
1st - 5th May, 2020 18:32
2nd - 28th April, 2021 04:25
Currently unplayable with frame times peaking over a thousand as of this and last small patch.

I had no issues prior to 3.10.1C.
very bad performance after patch, beforre patch i had no performance issues at all.

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