3.10.1d Patch Notes

Nice love the shaper map change
Just installed the update. Some windows 10 patches installed as well.

Rarely have had a problem with crashing in POE. Just the game POE has crashed on me four times in the last like 15 minutes. Not sure I will be able to play the game any more if this keeps up. not sure what to do.

Game wont let me on... Says a new version of download patch exists? I just downloaded game on my ps4 and have never played. Trying to figure out how to get in? Please help! I've heard great things about this game and its similarities to Diablo 2, which i played for almost 10 years... Really want to try this game.
my client download keeps on restarting. wtf every patch is a headache.
Wtf happened to Sirus fight after this latest patch, he is much harder when he comes to the ground meteors drop on top of him, etc. etc ...
Get Patches just to get even more issues with the game.. Just saying.
This patch broke something. Before this patch I had no issues. Now I freeze up and disconnect. Forget living on a map. 5+ second screen freeze and come back to a corpse. Thx for the patch GGG!! Please revert changes!

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