Evolving Path of Exile's Renderer

Looks interesting.
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Performance has been going down since 2.0 (at which point devs started promising improvs to it, that never came). At first I was able to play with minor lags, then it got worse. Crafting became unaccessible to me with betrayal freezing that was never fixed despite many promises.

I like to play the game once again but I currently can't, despite delirium looking good. Will devs read this? No because they don't like all the negativity (which is, sadly nessessary if something is ever gonna change; there's no friendly way of saying 'your engine is bull, we want something better').
I know GGG is contractually bound from from discussing this, but a shit ton of Poe's renderer issues (I'd say 95%+) are from cloudflare CDN being shit and un-optimized for gaming.

This need to be a huge priority, getting a content distributor that has the capabiity to do what Path of Exile demands.
having so many players in the game - (which is probably going to drop if they don't fix the graphics and performance options or optimize the game for different computer types) - probably makes it that everyone says their opinion, but by so many people speaking their mind there's no guarantee that every voice will be heard, sure they may hear the overall majority, but sadly not the voices of the experts or the ones who know what they are talking about.

the majority says fix the performance and graphics options or the ability to turn off the features that actually hinder game play/and or fps,
like shadows-lighting, sounds-dialog-sound effects, and other stuff

players have been turning their attention to certain fixes that might help their game play such as removing the sound files altogether or turning off the steam overlay from the properties menu in the steam library, to modding the game to not use the computer over 90%-100% thus preventing lag spikes.
For all those complaining about the game's performance and optimization -

I play this game on a half decade old laptop. I've got plenty of performance woes, but Delirium fog (for example) ain't one of them. Touching the mirror doesn't do anything to my performance. The resulting increase in action once the monsters spawn does though, but that has nothing to do with the fog. So to answer your issues - TOO. MUCH. CLUTTER. :p

My own pet theory, which could be wrong mind, on the cause of the game's woes is that it has to do with 1) its memory management and loading system - you see this all the time when it takes forever for even the 2D models of stuff in your stash to load, let alone the 3D ones for monsters or skills, and 2) the sound system - switching off sounds just makes too much of a difference for it to be otherwise, and 3) Something about their servers, or the communications from their servers to our systems. And, well, unfortunately none of those are this guys' department. I don't think GGG has released the talks of the people who handle those things, assuming Exilecon even had them.

Just to hopefully ensure we're talking about things more accurately (assuming I'm not myself way off in my estimations, of course).
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Exile009 wrote:
Thanks for the talk, albeit I didn't get half of the stuff he talked about. :p

Anyway, here's the link to his YT channel, for those who'd like to check it out - https://www.youtube.com/user/DonXenapo/videos

He has vids on there going back a full decade! :O

GGG congrats for the amazing work and improvment you put in this game, it will look amazing, other companies stuck themselves on old tech just to keep the toaster base, is good you guys seek forward!.
I too have severe performance issues and 0fps drops like many other posters here, and hope these changes will help address this. Cheers, here's to the game going forward.
are we going to ignore the fact that this guy looks like Duelist irl?
Despite the huge performance issues, we keep talking about how the water is rendered and how much better it looks...

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