For today's news we're releasing a talk by our senior graphics programmer! In his presentation from ExileCon, Alex explains a process of creating rendering tech in Path of Exile and talks about various related topics, including lightning and upcoming grass technology from Path of Exile 2.

For more talks given by our team at the convention, check out this playlist.
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add me on steam -
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Give me fps. Just fix those 0fps spikes! Please! i want to feel the game again.. like long ago!
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I will definitely watch it, those talks are very informative and very welcome.

I'm hoping there's a part where Alex explains that all this new tech will prevent the game from freezing or dropping to 5fps every time you click on a Monolith, or get a Betrayal encounter, or spawn a Conqueror, or breathe, or exist.
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Good stuff
good job, ty
I'd like the game to actually render properly in the current version but I guess whatever who cares.
gib me fps pls
I woth wrong - ty for you jobe
SC legues V
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Will this mean an end to the lag anytime any type of encounter pops on the screen?
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