3.10.1 Patch Notes

Haha get fucked harbor bridge nubz. Thank god they nerfed that shit
No leap slam fix ?
Skitterbots not fixed in interaction with Primordial Chain

quote from WIKI: Item interaction with The Primordial Chain, ignores "You cannot have non-Golem Minions" modifier.
very nice!
Thanks for continuing to support and make such a great game! :)
Pog champ
Will you fix Sirus garbage before everyone dies to c. virus or after?

Same question about performance.
Trade house when?
Harsh RNG, fair trade is dead, botting everywhere, oneshot mechanic -=RIP=-
Snipe isn't fixed. It still persists the effect.

why it says fixed ,fixed , fixed when it doesn't feel like that :D
Withering step removes a charge from Flame dash when used, is that suppose to happen?

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