3.10.1 Patch Notes

itzchris89 wrote:
For the people who can't play the game at all anymore due to lag/fps drops/stuttering and stuff:

You can actually set certain sounds in your production_config file to false, this increases the performance a fk ton (sorry sound people, i love your work but the game issnt playable for me without this fix anymore).

For me the game went from unplayable to smooth af (never was necessary for me before this league), just make sure you keep your loot filter sounds active. There is a reddit thread as well as a youtube guide by CuteDog_ about this.

Edit: Great patch btw imo, love the visual improvements <3

Just a quick warning - if you disable the sound effects completely, you will also lose some of the item filter sounds as well. I tested this out by dropping some of my currency on the ground when not in town (you can't do it in town).

Mid to high tier currencies (various orbs, and rarer items) make their sounds. The "quality" currencies such as blacksmith whetstones and glassblower's baubles do not make any sound, nor do the scrolls. So if they are something you need for any reason, you won't hear them drop offscreen or onscreen. You'll need to catch them with your eyes instead as they make no sound when dropped.

I'm not sure why some item filter sounds are tied to sound effects and others are not, but there you go.

For those looking for the original link on reddit, here it is. Here is a link to CuteDog_'s YouTube video on the subject as well (I put these here so you don't have to look on your own first).
When are we going to play the original game and not this beta shit?
Still waiting for a way to silence Zombies, or revert them back to pre 3.10 where they were silent.
GizmoX64 wrote:
Still waiting for a way to silence Zombies, or revert them back to pre 3.10 where they were silent.

Dont worry, they'll have you cover by an BRAND new MTX with no sound xD
It will only cost you 20$ haha
Before this patch I manage somehow (not even sure how) to make game run much smother even in delirium encounter, now everything back to previous state when I get giant lags, fps drops and even noticed bug with Delirium bosses. Sometimes they DON'T DO ANIMATION OF ATTACK. You just get damage without even seeing how. Once on Simulacrum boss of 15 wave model stuck in wall, but in reallity he keep attacking and moving, so I lost all 6 portals cause dying to something I couldn't even see.
Assailum is still bugged
cosey wrote:
"You are now able to select an Atlas Mission via the Map Device" i was waiting for this so much. And why i have first character level 90 second level 82 and only
My only big complain.
I only played one character and its 92 right now and I got around 600 Splinters. You must be running slowly or bad maps maybe? try rolling higher quant and do open maps with fewer corridors.
the faster cary

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