3.10.1 Patch Notes

Ty for the update !
still blight crashes
still blight crashes
Harbour Bridge LUL
Still got 2 month+ to test this delirium and fix bug! keep it up!
Thank you for your hard work guys, stay safe.
lormdoep wrote:
still blight crashes

I crashed 50/50 blight maps.
ign : GameOfChromes
Thank you for working to improve the league
Good work as always, however i am a bit sad that sirus doesnt get fixed this patch. You often times get teleported directly into a chaos storm with the meteor maze blocking you which leaves you with 0% chance of survival. Please make sure to fix that next patch, otherwise good work as always
Can you please add an effect to Devastator like with Unspeakable Gifts? I would like to know how well it's working, if at all. Thank you!

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