3.10.0f Patch Notes (restartless)

Is your mail server not working? I'm waiting for my unlock code due to 'new location' after switching from Mobile to DSL again. And, didn't you want to give us an option to turn this off?

Edit: Ok, works again! All fine!
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Unplayable sometimes. Lag spikes/frame drops are insane. Micro freezes even in the hideout. Waiting for a hotfix, pls.
I eat cats for breakfast.
Done with Ultimatum. The game is a chore.
Game was more than playable even on my ntb before this patch. Now I have fps lags in hideout without any decorations. What can I say more HB until I can map again. This patch broke something.
I'm playing since early beta and never experienced so many and so permanent crashes ever.

But here is a patch that crashed everything for me:
Limited shader uploads to avoid overloading the graphics driver. Additionally, please make sure that Shader Cache is enabled in your Nvidia or AMD graphics control panel settings.

Now almost any map crahses the game with "Buffer underflow" error.

This is a super optimisation! It quits the game so my graphics driver will never overload! 666 stars from 5 for this patch!

Nice GGG! Fire your QA team and hire someone a bit more responsible.
Patch is quite a magical one for me. I've never heared the fans of my GeForce 1060 till now. GPU is goin ham and almost any map sends me right to the Desoktop without an error at all.
League and Game were both working perfectly fine till todays Patch. Now it's kinda unplayable.
unplayable with nvidia rtx2070
So it's like 3.10 when after performance 'improvements' performance actually got worse. After fresh improvements it got even worse.
How far can you push improvements, can you put 3080ti on its knees, can you put Jensen on his knees? Or maybe you'll just fix that joke of a game.
cmon GGG there is no such option Shader Cache in Adrenalin 2020 ?????

edit: i edit reg to 32 but i mean... GGG should mention that need "custom" change coz there no such thing in Radeon control panel
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gtx 2060 Crash on game start/load CreateShaderResourceViewEX

Buffer Underflow BTW

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