3.10.0f Patch Notes (restartless)

Bad performance ..
I don´t wanne start Delirium .. cause it´s a lagfest then
New version of POE at A8 have then bast Profit but in map is not good i want your change Profit in map
Game is still unplayable.

Most laggy expansion ever?
Thanks for fixing a lot of the issues. However, the conquerors' influence trash mobs still lag a lot. Drox's trash spawns especially make the game essentially unplayable. My FPS dips right away, sometimes all the way down to 0, and dynamic resolution just makes it impossible to see mechanics and I just have to fly blind.

Sirus himself is also extremely laggy. When he casts any kind of laser beam, I get frame time spikes to 100ms (~once every second) frequently and occasionally all the way up to 300ms (once a minute). That's on top of the game trying to "dynamic resolution."

Delirium still causes FPS drops not nearly as badly as before. However, combined with the typical lag of triggering content like legion and breach stones (that's always been around), I basically can't do content while in Delirium without making the game unplayable. I adjusted by backtracking to do content but I don't think that's what you want us to do.

Please keep fixing. A lot of us are stuck at home and really would rather spend time on this game than anything else.
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