3.10.0e Patch Notes

Look forward to more performance improvements.
Thank you all for the hard work cranking this stuff out in a timely manner. I think I'll have to start doing mirrors now, should be a lot less scary as a hardcore player. I've hardly touched it up till now(70) with all the scary stuff I've seen.
TreeOfDead wrote:
ty GGG! its awesome that so fast and so many fixes! gj GGG!

GGG pls read: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2797943

Please increase base time for timer in delirium

many new players punished hard by timer in delirium!

Well new people need to get better as they go, you can't expect new players to roll in and finish it every time. This ain't diablo 3. Where all beginners get everything catered to them.
Really? No one complaining that a net 50% reduction in damage and monster health AGAIN is a bad thing? Delirium was easy enough after the last patch, now it became meaningless. It also showers us with much more loot, this is absurd. Power creep should be met with tougher encounters, you're aiming the came at casuals and making it boring!
ggg kinda cute tho
yea, what about it
Best patch so far this league, thank you GGG
Ah nice, Another decent league turned into mindless zoom zoom single click lootfest feature. Thx GGG to cave in that hard & so fast.
I think the people complaining about the nerfs don't understand that the core league mechanic shouldn't be that difficult. It's the leagues main feature advertised to new players as well as vets. If players with 2k+ hours struggle with it, imagine it for new players.

Metamorph is an exception because you can very literally control the difficulty. Save the difficulty for the meta layer, aka simulcarion
Enjoying this league. Thanks for looking at the rippyness of delirium. However, the risk/reward balance is off now though imo. Harbor bridge farming is seriously OP. Huge rewards with zero risk. I like the reward structure now, but need some risk brought back in...
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And here I thought I had finally gotten to a point where I was tanky enough to not die every encounter... Turns out I still suck and they took putty 😭

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