3.10.0e Patch Notes

Awesome, I've been looking forward to these changes all day. They sound like really juicy league improvements.
Much needed nerfs to the redic delirium expolosions.

Is there an update on the multi core/shader issue?
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Solid Delirium improvements, big thanks for working to push it out on a Friday.
oh man Delirium is actually TOO juicy now!
Wow thats fast, awesome, didn't expect it this night. Thanks!
Fixed a bug where Volatile Cores could have Delirium modifiers.

If this means that the exploding homing fireballs will no longer stop to shoot lightning at me, I'm sad.
Thank fucking god.

3x rewards seemsgoodman
These changes sound great, I still would have prefered that you didnt nerf the content and just removed the timer.

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