3.10.0e Patch Notes

gone from v vv vv v vvripppy to v vvv rippy
show de bola
Great changes GGG! Thank you! I can start doing delirium encounters now =D
tell me why dual wielding bug is still a thing?
it's unplayable rn, im sick of changing my weapon every instance
The BOYS killed yet another league.
Guess we'll enjoy 1shotting everything for yet another league =)
and about the performance fix? when?
This is actually bs. Yesterday VD ws completly playable by me, from level 1 to 88 without any stuttering. Atm I've to ditch VD because my 2070 Super is, apparently not strong enough for it. Great performance boost.
So the already 3 times promised dual-wield fix still somehow never made it.
Build Guides and Beginner Tips YouTube Channel:
Now there are people in the comments complaining its too easy for the reward drop, another liked the extra rewards but not the nerfs and was having fun, etc etc. Do I need to say i told you so?

And another bunch of thousands of players didnt give a shit either way and kept playing one way or the other.

Nah. Keep listening to the loud mouthed 5% that whines and Mathil. Cause you know, a streamer that plays the game 12hrs a day knows better than 50% of your player base that has a life. Kudos!

Now to the point, rewards work just fine for me. Even at lvl 1 the second reward always drops (unless it was patched without a main patch needed).

Playstyle is definitely easier. I am getting sloppy at times because it feels slightly more boring, and getting away with deaths I would not have been granted previously. this can be a matter of opinion though so, whatever. I did end up with a fast clear build, so maybe if I had done another build I too would be on the side complaining about the difficulty.

Rewards are more, not that I disliked them before. just felt splinters and delirium orbs needed higher drop chance and slight nerf to the general armour rewards that were 3 in every 5. But, no complaints, hey you want to hand me rewards? I'll surely pick em up and keep going.

Lastly. The fog visibility. Still nice. And perhaps if this was what I was introduced to first hand I would be ok. But I wasn't. I can clearly see myself enjoy the encounter from the immersion side of things much less. It has less of an umph to it, and even the shadows that I was enjoying before with open mouth are less vivid... Generally, the whole encounter became more generic to me. Thank you PoE forum community, you are the best /sarcasm

Whatever, either way, good work. Some of us (including myself) have made a mockery of the threads with our first world problems. The hypocrisy is not lost on me, but I never speak up against the "horde" whining on each patch. This time I tried, but, the horde is the horde. It tramples reason and keeps going.

Either way, still enjoying the game as always.

See you in the mists of delirium...

ps, dont get rid of the timer, geez, you already caved enough.
Now that we're finally into beta, can we have a league restart so no one was disadvantaged by the endless bugs that ruined so many players start!!!!

Since everyone was affected by it, how is it a disadvantage?

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