3.10.0e Patch Notes

Thank you for your continous work GGG.

Unfortunately this patch broke something.
Up until now I could play in lockstep and never had frame drops/ small freezes.
This patch changed so that not only the delirium encounters freeze all frames for 3-7 seconds. I also get freezes in my hideout not doing anything.
Please look into it.
What about client CTD in Blight encounter? Usually happens when I upgrade towers.
Lol delirium monsters nerf for CRYING BABIES
Thanks for the nerfs! Finally i can one button everything.. Cant wait to implement an auto kill button so can you use two hands while i am eating my sandwich and watching shit die.

Its the only thing left for you guys to do.
Mike_84 wrote:
Pausing is still not enough, I still do not get why that timer even exists.
(Ok, I know, obsession for these timed shits, but other than that, nothing.)

Just did a map with Alva, and the fog was maybe paused during the run itself in the temple, but as soon as it dropped me out, the 5 seconds timer started right away, while the loot was just dropping..

Great desing, really, well, who cares about the loot in an ARPOG, right?

This ^
"There he goes. One of God's own prototypes. A high-powered mutant of some kind never even considered for mass production. Too weird to live, and too rare to die. " ~ Hunter S Thompson ~
Thanks GGG!
that was unexpectedly quick. thanks. i'll have a look at the changes once the other beta testers report that they are meaningful and not in other ways broken.
thx ........after patch 3 map 3 crash ...3 dead thx for make this game more cancer i think i gone play another game ..............
Appreciate it very much! i'll log in now and check out the changes.
Though this should've been done while playtesting the mechanic.
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Lynerus wrote:

It seems like the timer is now even shorter then before lol

I feel the same, on low level it is very noticable.

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