Development Manifesto: Delirium Improvements

Dumbing down content for reddit...
GGG must thank us for beta testing for free their game. Just imagine how this league would like if they werent ahead of schedule lol.
I think I've never answered a post before in my life, maybe once or twice. But seeing this kind of commitment with the community is just too beautiful to ignore.

Thanks, GGG. You guys bring gaming to another level.
It is fascinating how out of touch from your game you've became.
Organic chemistry is a weird thing. If you add a spoon of shit to a barrel of jam you'll get a barrel of shit.
any eta on that performance fix? my eyes been bleeding since launch
Aaaand once again we play a two week beta test for some half tested idea that some dev had, perhaps we might see some changes after a month into league, but we all know that some important fixes will only come after 1 month into league(if they ever come).
U guys always break something at the new league start.
Damage in the mist is somewhat manageable, if ur playing something extremly tanky, fps dropping to 0 is not.
Ps: mem-a-morph are still laggy af
none of these changes address the shit rewards
Life will be technically better Soon TM
mmmmmm if this was any other company they would be like LUL....but GGG is SS Tier :-D

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