Development Manifesto: Delirium Improvements

Snailzzz wrote:
this is worthless information. fix it

Don't be a dick, GGG have always been good at fixing new league issues.
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Thank you !
gotta love how nothing to fix cassia//duel
lotting2782 wrote:
gotta love how nothing to fix cassia//duel

This post only addresses the design of Delirium. We are aware of these issues and have prepared fixes for them.
"This is not how we want the game to be played"

So you technically don't want your game to be played? You want us to play a walking simulator where we go back and pick up loot for the next 2 minutes?!? It's okay in blight maps because it's nodules of loot and visible where to go.

NO GAME IS EVER BETTER WITH BACKTRACKING. My favourite games are Puzzlegames (ala Indiana jones and the fate of atlantis/monkey island, JRPGs etc) and I fucking HATE backtracking.

Other stuff is pretty nice though-

I'll add one thing, the dmg from delirium mobs isn't the hard part really, it's how much tankier they get so you suddenly have 20 mobs with 30% with extra dmg hitting in your face. And it might be just me but it feels like delirium adds shit on the ground or at least makes it really hard to see so you shieldcharge on spot 24-7.
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ty GGG
are you fucking serious?

The monster damage bonus scales up to 30% increased at absolute most.

30% extra on a hit that would already one-shot you still one-shots you. do you understand?

We are reviewing all of the Delirium monsters and skills to find any that are overtuned and will be making adjustments to any that might be dealing disproportionate damage.

try doing this BEFORE the league comes out

(At the time of publishing, we just found an issue where in many areas, Delirium monsters and spawners do not appear when extremely deep in the mist).

how could this possibly get by your """"""tests""""""?

Currently, there's a random chance for individual Delirium monsters to have mods that cause On-Death effects.

do you know why random instances of on-death effects works in cases like bearers or volatiles? because you actually have time and visual clarity to tell what the fuck is going on. in delirium you basically can't stop moving, you have 0 time to read the mods on the monsters, and when the """effect animations""" play you can't fucking see shit, UNLIKE bearers or volatiles.
there's nothing like this in delirium, there's just grey/white shit, covered up by fog, and then you die if you stop for a second near any mobs

it's because they are a viable way of making monsters that are killed instantly have an effect on players, and they aren't trivialised by clear-speed.

so you designed a league mechanic that is squarely focused on how fast you can clear maps to the point that you cannot fucking stop moving at any point, and then you say this shit which makes it seem like you have an issue with clear speed 'trivializing' the game? which is it- do you want people clearing fast or not?

Delirium increases the difficulty and reward of all other Path of Exile content.

no, it doesn't. nothing about this is difficult other than attempting to avoid the nearly invisible particle effects that signal something that will instantly kill my character. that's called tedium, to the point that i've started skipping delirium encounters entirely when they don't offer me maps or currency as a reward. and when i don't skip it, i'm basically rolling the dice with my character's experience bar.

this is fucking bullshit and you know it
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looking good!
Take the timer off Deliruim fog and players won't need vacuuming. If I can stop and actually loot without the fear of dying it won't make me feel like I have to run the map twice. Once to keep up with the fog and again to backtrack and pickup the crap that dropped.

At this point, I have ZERO motivation to play this league anymore. The mechanic is over punishing and under rewarding...

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