Development Manifesto: Delirium Improvements

map t12 60% delirius

4.3k life
1.3k es
all res over capped
68% chaso res (if it matters)

5k mana with mind over matter 50%
3k arcane cloak

got oneshotted from the death of 1 white delirium mob(the porcupine one)

are this really with 30% increased stats at 100% delirius or am i doing something worng?

Hi GGG team,

For a quick feedback on Delirium, besides what you're already working on for future balance and improvements... I find that the most dangerous monsters ( aka : the yellow possesed by Delirium thingys ) that shoot big beams of energy or gigantic AoE are 50% of the time off-screen.

I don't know what would be the best solution to improve balance on a case like this since end game builds are moving really fast, but maybe improving the "telegraphed" sound to alert the player could work.

I'm not against dying because I made a mistake. But dying because you take an ultra heavy attack of an off-screen mob is pretty frustrating :)
I don't like delirium i want to turn it off and have any challenges associated with it removed. I have problems with the visual acuity in my left eye and delirium is just grey stuff all over the screen that 1 shots me for what I can't tell why. It also makes my computer grind to a halt. Please allow me to remove it.
you cant pick up shit, because you die all the time

IMO the league-specific content narrows immensely the possibilies of the game, by making very very few builds viable... less choices... sad.

There're no items league specific that are worth the waste of death, experiences and hence time overall. It is unfortunate that by pressing the "skip event" you will smoothly get to the lvl100 and make currency faster.
Probably will get buried but I have some unique uberspecific suggestions.Things I'm having trouble with.
-My plague meter used to go up but it's constantly at 0 or 1 for some reason.
- The blinding effect doesn't seem to do much. I have monsters chasing after me
even when they're supposed to be blinded (sparkles).
-Be a bit more generous with the passive skill points. Swap out a belt reward with another book of skill. Give me a book of skill and a book of regrets since I don't have much use for regrets when I choose my points carefully. I say this because I have eight large cluster jewels and only one spot that I've been able to reach. Maybe even drop them as occasional rewards. I just don't have much use for many of the orbs for example blessed orb.

As for lag and dropping connection I have no complaints as it rarely seems to happen.

Hope you see this and find it inspired.
asceb wrote:
you cant pick up shit, because you die all the time



Weird mechanics. There is a timer so you need to kill mobs fast, and you cant loot right away cause the death-rattle effect would oneshoot you. So you wait to loot, and so you cant complete delirium in time.

Last option is to kill everything, than run the map BACKWARDS to loot....don't know what's worse...that or bestiary stupid einhar not capturing beast fast enough or getting stuck behind a wall
This league is ass backwards and negates all the content you have done before. I don't run any of the masters on my map device, because there's no time to interact with them anyways.

The effects cluttering / on death / multiple projectiles / 1 shot mechanics hidden behind extremely poor telegraphs is getting worse and worse by every league, and i'd be willing to bet my house the developer that made temporal chains - a map mod that effectively feels like lag, had a hand in the oversight of this. There's a difference in making a game mechanic that is "interesting" and one that just feels bad, and somehow you've managed to make a loot driven game where picking up loot feels bad.

Listening to the baeclast preleague interview in hindsight is fairly brutal, you missed the mark by a mile with most if not all your stated intentions
remove timer! stop punish slow builds!
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Don't put this in the core game without dealing with the core problems of Delirium. Fix the back tracking and don't punish slower builds.

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