Development Manifesto: Delirium Improvements

servers lags and mobs hits like uber elder
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nickwch wrote:
The map drop rate has been a joke. Previously with 120/154 & 10/154, each fully juiced red map would give me back at least 1-2 red maps, with my 2 sets of IIR gears.
Have been running the new atlas for 3 days with the same character. 144/154, fully juiced red maps always return me with farking white maps.

What a shame, this could be the best time for POE to shine since billions of gamer are doing the quarantine shit. And yet, look at what have u guys done here?. Shame

once you have 140/154+140/154awa, you will get like 10 red maps from one red map.

That aside, this league is just another out of season aprils joke.
Did not expected that from GGG, but maybe its Tencent influence?
map t12 60% delirius

4.3k life
1.3k es
all res over capped
68% chaso res (if it matters)

5k mana with mind over matter 50%
3k arcane cloak

got oneshotted from the death of 1 white delirium mob(the porcupine one)

are this really with 30% increased stats at 100% delirius or am i doing something worng?

Hi GGG team,

For a quick feedback on Delirium, besides what you're already working on for future balance and improvements... I find that the most dangerous monsters ( aka : the yellow possesed by Delirium thingys ) that shoot big beams of energy or gigantic AoE are 50% of the time off-screen.

I don't know what would be the best solution to improve balance on a case like this since end game builds are moving really fast, but maybe improving the "telegraphed" sound to alert the player could work.

I'm not against dying because I made a mistake. But dying because you take an ultra heavy attack of an off-screen mob is pretty frustrating :)
I don't like delirium i want to turn it off and have any challenges associated with it removed. I have problems with the visual acuity in my left eye and delirium is just grey stuff all over the screen that 1 shots me for what I can't tell why. It also makes my computer grind to a halt. Please allow me to remove it.
you cant pick up shit, because you die all the time


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