Development Manifesto: Delirium Improvements

Thanks. I was hit SUPER hard by the performance regression so much so that the game went from unbelievably smooth to almost unplayable at times (legion and delve mostly, but also sometimes just normally in maps).
Please don't nerf it too much because the casuals are whining.
Hopefully when Delirium is released on console I'll be able to play for an hour before my first blue screen. Thanks to all the PC gamers for testing the game before console launch.
hardcore casual.

Playing PoE for years and having fun despite GGG.
Path of random 1 shots continues, if you arent killed from some offscreen nonsense its something buried underneath 8 feet of fog in the new power point side show that is delirium.

For those interested in why we use On-Death effects in content like this, it's because they are a viable way of making monsters that are killed instantly have an effect on players, and they aren't trivialised by clear-speed.

Yes, they are...
They only are annoying for people that need more than 0.2sec to kill a pack or want to loot.
Everyone who blows up packs in an instant and does not care for any drop below 1 ex can just run away.

I thought that was quite easy to understand?
why did you not acknowledge the fact that i am unable to do blights because the object to activate them does not exist for my character?
Thank you :D
what an awful league. I expect better with the amount of cash given for development. First league I said F it first week in.

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