Development Manifesto: Delirium Improvements

Good changes, but personally one of the more prominent issues to me is the short length of the fog in general, as well as how on some maps its more or less broken. Try Running Laboratory for instance and getting to the boss which is is the center of the map; you cant. Though this is likely one of the more extreme examples, there are plenty of maps where the fog dissipates from a direction that doesn't make any sense, sometimes forcing you to run away from the boss location in order to keep up. I think the rolling fog was a nice idea thematically and everything, but in reality its really clunky and would work a lot better if you just decided when to turn it off.
"During our internal testing before release, we increased the length of time that Delirium encounters last so that players have extra time to pick up items as they go. Item filters help alert you to which items are important to grab, and we did intentionally compensate with extra time for you to do so."

You miss the point of why this is such a large issue, the problem right now is not time, the problem is that everything we kill leaves behind a on death effect or ground effect on top of our loot, and if we stop to get it we die..several of these ground effects persist until after you've cleared the entire map seemingly.

Once again that feeling of "if we could just have a bit of increased pick-up radius for items all my problems would go away"

1 Orb of Fusing is not worth my 10% exp so many of us will run the entire map, then either backtrack the whole way or just start over from the beginning by logging out.
That was a great manifesto. Very informative for both delirium and on delerium content. Thank you! Forever Exiled, A Path of Exile Podcast
Wrecker of Days' One-Stop-Shop: Stress-Free Builds (& Filters): 1-Button, SSF, Item Freedom:
dontmashme123 wrote:
Not anywhere near enough.

- Timer should be infinite until you kill map Boss
- Reward should be given at the end of the Delirium (once you kill the boss)

its just so bad that you have to backtrack the whole map

Want to loot because a Delirium monster dropped a Simulacrum Splinter?-> u'll die because of the cast-on-death effect and the mist is gone. Whoops xD

What a joke of a League.
Ok so what about dual wield swords. Feels pretty terrible trying to speed through maps and forget to weapon swap and die.
Moridin79 wrote:
Please don't nerf it too much because the casuals are whining.

Says the "pro player" who's playing meta summoner build in softcore LMAO xDDDD
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How can you say "you want players to stop to pick up items" when you specifically design on death effects and overtune rares to 1 SHOT you when you stop moving for just a second or two...

Dear GGG, you're not making ANY sense.
Cry harder kids, welcome to softcore league.
MidgetLove wrote:
what an awful league. I expect better with the amount of cash given for development. First league I said F it first week in.

Same, cba to run a map twice because I want to loot it without dying to fog.
I think a problem with the looting while going thing is that when you stop to loot, you get one shot. Then, you get irritated having to back track halfway across a map for loot. Not the worst, just time consuming and not efficient gameplay.

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