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Development Manifesto: Delirium Improvements

"It's because they are a viable way of making monsters that are killed instantly have an effect on players"

How about you fix the issue they die "too fast" and stop fucking everything over by adding shitty on death effects we can't even see then?

Fix the problems, stop adding band aids that punish us for your failures.
Suggestion: make any hazard that you can't destroy with damage have a certain distinctive color; as some examples, a more intense version of the blue-green, or an orange-red. Base it on whichever is best for colorblind players.

This would apply to things like Vengeful effects and the homing explosives that are spawned by certain ground pods, and make it much easier to distinguish between threats to pursue and threats to avoid.

Full packs of death effects would not be a step in the right direction, in my opinion; just make the death effect telegraphs visible through the other effects, alongside tune-downs of the more extreme damage.
we know our shit is completely broken and some stuff we wont fix at all, and other will take a week or 2 LOL, what a joke GGG have become
This sounds really good, but all super super super predictable issues (for the most part) no? You only need to run like 2 deliriums to find all of these issues, like how is the keybind and distance meter not here for launch? Kind of disappointed especially since I read that you were ahead of schedule on this league. Feels untested. I'm still having fun, but I just think these should have been easy to pick up on with a little testing no?
During our internal testing before release, we increased the length of time that Delirium encounters last so that players have extra time to pick up items as they go. Item filters help alert you to which items are important to grab, and we did intentionally compensate with extra time for you to do so

And then you decided to have on-death effects so that all those players that stop to pick items get one-shotted by trillions of aoe explosions.
If you want to survive - you don't pick items until the delirium fog ends, or else you will be injected billions of damage into your character. And it dies.

If you want players not to back track while being furious about it and you (devs) don't want the "Item Drop Vacuuming" to be present in delirium - get rid of all those explosions and players will be happy to stop and pick their items, for the most part.
I dont know if this will ever be seen by devs but pertaining to the backtracking i have an alternative to the "vacuuming" request. If the mini map conituned to show all drop icons instead of disappearing after the character gets a certain distance away, players could choose whether or not to backtrack. Especially with offscreening builds, it can be really difficult to find a drop after hearing it because the character isnt standing close enough for it to show on the mini map. Even directional sound isnt always helpful. Just an idea.
Glad to see you addressing alot of the main problems.
This is why I buy stuff in this game. They hear and listen to us. Thank you GGG for being who you are.
What about the dual weild damage bug? thats a big one.
You've said in the past many times that you didn't like on death effects. It's not our fault that power creep is a thing. It feels like we're being punished for having strong builds. Random one shots after the mobs are dead feels like you're just trying to slow us down, not to mention totally destroying HC players. Lame.
If I'm being honest I dislike the final Encounter-mainly due to it being pretty lackluster and the map really doesn't make it shine. If possible the new Cowards Trial map would certainly be a better fit in addition to letting the boss have some much needed room. Additionally, How about a stand out- unique boss from various maps every 5 leagues with the only one in the current instance being placed in wave 20? [/Spoiler]

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