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Development Manifesto: Delirium Improvements

Great Changes, appreciate!
Thank you for your efforts GGG. None of this would be necessary if you released content when it was ready. I'm guessing Tencent has a requirement for you to hit deadlines, it's the only thing that would explain why you release such garbage.
Back-track league stays back-track league. =/
So can we get a specific explanation of how to fill the reward bar? Because half the time I'll be wiping out packs and the number doesn't move, is there a specific kill mechanism that I'm missing? Things die but there's no response...
For the performance issue, disabling the sounds improved my performance significantly so maybe look at impact the sound effects have on performance when Delirium is spawned.
"we increased the length of time that Delirium encounters last so that players have extra time to pick up items as they go."

You knuckleheads don't seem to understand, that as soon as you stop even for a fragment of a second you will fucking die because a bazillion projectiles and aoe effects are chasing your ass.

So yeah go ahead increase the "timer" it won't fucking change shit when all I can do in t16 maps is to run for my dear life inside delirium.
guys fix the problem with minimaps not getting saved, when I go back into a map from my hideout the minimap is cleared and I have to discover it from the beginning...
What would be the reasoning for not removing the timer on the fog completely?
The increased difficulty would act as a barrier, there's no need for a timer.
This would solve all the issues i have with the mechanic.
Glad to see no sweeping nerfs to the challenge posed. Visibility issues should probably be discussed more.

This is a long shot, but can we get loot filters to jump "up" a strictness setting when in Delirium fog? I'm at the point where I'm looting alterations and up in mapping, but I'd prefer to be alch and up while in the fog. In a week, I'll be alch and up in maps and I'll probably be at the point where in fog I want to run past fusings and 6 sockets but stop for Prime Sextants and Chaos and up.

Basically I'd want to be Uber Strict in maps, Uber Plus Strict while fog is up.

I think one of the things that makes people underestimate the loot dropped is that when you do a Breach, all the loot is localised. This is more like an Abyss in that it spreads out - the Abyss adds lots of monsters, they drop most of the loot, but there's also a little bonus cluster at the end that's always disappointing. Abysses still probably drop more itmes than a Breach though!

In Delirium it's like an Abyss but there's more monsters added, and the 'end of event' lootsplosion is good maybe 10% of the time.
Le Toucan Will Return
Kusibu wrote:
Suggestion: make any hazard that you can't destroy with damage have a certain distinctive color; as some examples, a more intense version of the blue-green, or an orange-red. Base it on whichever is best for colorblind players.

GGG : We hear you, and we have been holding back a special gray color from our Delirium launch for such an occasion. We will start highlighting these hazards with our 13th different shade of gray on the already overly busy screen.

Joking aside (I hope!), steps in the right direction, but the flat out ignoring the voicing of the horrible design decision making us traverse a map twice (three times if the mirror is near the end of the map as it unfortunately has been) to pick up loot it is too dangerous to pick up during the encounter.
Running through maps multiple times really does bring up the question when you encounter the mirror if it is even worth doing the league content :(

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