Development Manifesto: Delirium Improvements

Thank you GGG; 4 days into a league and you take every single thing people are complaining about and outline how you're going to fix them. You guys rock. Keep it up
First of all I loooooved cluster jewels implementation. So it was a very exiting league start.
But delirium interactions made me hate the league more than any other league I played in 1.5 years.

Stopping for 0.1 seconds with delirium=dead. From what I read from the manifesto that will be staying but just gonna get one shotted by mob groups instead of mobs. Nice...
This is a F***ing joke

Lets do the betatest work for you like the last league before.

This manifesto just sounds to me that you did nothing wrong and the player are always crying.

But grey on grey is bullshit, like last league with metamorph with this black on black shit.
And it feels like the on death effects are getting stronger from league to league but hey you did nothing wrong its the player fault

You are the best GGG <3
Oblitus wrote:
It is fascinating how out of touch from your game you've became.

Truth. It's a meme at this point, but it does seem to indicate that GGG doesn't really play their game, at least a full playtest of league content and not pick up on these glaring issues so easily by release.
on-death mobs dealing damage should just be removed from the game. Simple like that. From Detonate Dead totems/mobs to all delirium mobs with such skills.

Once I killed something, I want to be able to move forward.

This is just the worst mechanic ever of path of exile.

That being said, I am kinda ok with all the rest and thx for the fast answer.
My end, it justifies my means,
All I ever do is delay,
My every attempt to evade,
The end of the road
And my end....
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I appreciate the time taking the address these changes, but I still feel very underwhelmed by these changes. I'm hopeful these changes will make it fun and bearable to do the league content, but from what I've read I'm not going to hold my breath.
Finally, thank you
I've never died so much in any league and I've played since closed beta.

I LOVE challenge, and am at home in challenging games, but I honestly feel like this league is just taking a shit on anything but the highest end builds. People who are playing HC and not playing an ultra god tier build are actual masochists.
I used to put my characters down here.

The list became so long, and I've had to DELETE over 50 characters to make room for others, that I've stopped updating it.

#firstworldproblems give me character slots free or WAY cheaper GGG ;(
Skipping the league mechanics for other 2 weeks, great..Might as well skip the whole league. Thanks once again
Edit: worst mechanic since i started played, if you needed another feedback.
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