Update on Delirium Server Status

your work is very much appreciated ggg! thankyou!
Nearly 2k ping. Guess I'll try tomorrow, lol. DDoS-ers suck.
patcher dont work! FIX PLS!
I've got to hand it to you.
Let it bacome shit.
gooebye ggg
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try to connect make fail disk error good patch game crash....
strange, no such issues here. logged out, back in, back out, back in, all good.
HazaRdReborN wrote:
strange, no such issues here. logged out, back in, back out, back in, all good.

Just woke up, switched in my PC, trying to launch PoE - and that error message. I suppose, those, who plays and are already in, can play?...
S0S wrote:

lol grow up? please son. learn what you are typing before you type please. i have been playing since game came out of alpha. always the same problems and always same thing with vast majority dropping except for those affiliated with GGG.

Actually, I am sorry man, but I have to side with him. You do need to grow up. He stated that server load is a good problem to have, and it is, it means people play the content. You went back with a condescending response, and btw, you can't know if he has supported the game or not. I have no supporter packs, so you sure I didnt spend cash on the game???

And then you went on your own tangent, and assumed that there is some imaginary privileged group playing on the game kicking you out. Do I look privileged? No supporter pack no alpha access? Yeah, 620th in line and I wasn't dropped once.

Clearly, there are server load issues and depending on location, routing, server, etc, different groups of people will be getting the short end of it.

So yeah, you need to grow up.

p.s, how about you quit your whining as that was by far one of the smoothest content launches for any game in a long while. A content patch which even had changes to the engine in some areas. Kicking you off the server because there are too many people online seems like a really good problem to have indeed. Good day.
Just wanna re-post something positive on this topic; 2 things:

1. took a lot of balls to post this thread an be honest with community. You will not see that other places, or in life, Not many people take any blame for mistakes they make! Think about that for a minute, It not only does show leadership; but how much someone cares about what they do.

2. Sure it was annoying to deal with! Everyone wants to be like Tytykiller and do 2 hour runs, but face it we're not. This was nothing like buying COD advanced warfare on xbox Christmas day.(showing some age) GGG posted issues and did what they could to correct issues in real time.

Probably not the best endorsement ever here, but this is EXACTLY why I support GGG time and time again!

Thank You to every staff member that cares as much as Chris and works hard for my gaming EXPERIENCE!
Thanks Chris.

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