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Update on Delirium Server Status

Still unplayable omg GGG whats happening to your game!
This is the worst launch by far. Game is totally unplayable. Rubber banding every 2 seconds for 1 second. I have died like 20 times because of this, and lost alot of xp, very frustrating.
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No daily metamorph and metamorph no droping organs ? wtf? really ?
Just Thanks
GGG what did you do to melee? I cant move becouse my skill is still attacking dead mob
Playing marauder @ Hardcore leagues

Zero-fps league, all covered in fog and more porcupines. Nice launch, ill skip for the first time since abbys.
Krouton04 wrote:
Don't worry guy the fog will not cause lags or crashes they said...

That's one of the laggiest mechanic I have ever seen in this game !

Even the mirror to enter it makes the game lagging so imagine when you dare to enter it.

Please remove it

I like it and no lag for me, but maybe they can make it an option to turn it down.

Crashed a bit for the first four hours but managed a smooth 8h after the launch.
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Nice Work GGG
sadly its crash too much times
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Fricken geezums, guy. The internet here just got massively downgraded, and I couldn't play half the time already. I'm assuming tomorrow is not gonna be a very good day.

Edit: Lol, I didn't realize it was past midnight when I posted that, I just looked at the date. I spent like half an hour a couple hours ago wondering what was up.
Need a new signature, cuz name change. I dunno though. I guess this seems fine. Yeah, this is good.
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